Should He Charge His GF Rent? – Part 1

Do you think if a woman moves in with a guy she’s dating, she should pay rent?



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  1. If the is going to be paying half of the mortgage then the house should be half hers . It would be unfair for her to contribute half and then in the event of a breakup have to move out having no legal claim to the home that she contributed to. If he wants the home to remain his, then he should have her only contribute to things like food and utilities that are not cumulative toward ownership.

  2. It's lowkey odd when they argue… lol Loni.. always gets straight to the point… Jeannie always feels like she needs to tell a story about her parents… she got a story for every topic lol

  3. I'm old school. I am 37 years and so is my husband. We have lived together 14 years and I have never split anything down the middle with him. He pays all the high bills such as the mortgage, car notes, car insurance, lightbill, etc. I pay all the small bills. I don't understand men who want women to split bills with them. You might as well have a room mate if you have to do all of that. smh

  4. For the people saying no way, the guy should pay the majority or all of it. It’s 2018! We don’t need a man to fend for us. How can we progress and attain gender equality if we expect the men to pay all. We are independent and equal to men so we pay 50% of rent, utilities, food etc.

  5. A boyfriend and girlfriend buying a house together is pretty stupid. It doesn't make any finical sense to buy a house with your boyfriend or girlfriend, because when you break up, one of you are going to be stuck with the burden of the house. When a husband and wife buy a home, they already know how they are going to mange the expense, because they are going to make the plans and figure out how both parties are going to contribute to the expense of the house.

  6. Every time the question is asked or the girl chat is getting ready to begin, Adrienne is always the first one to speak and give her opinion. Anyone else notice that? I wonder if they purposely designed it that way or if that's just how it usually happens.

  7. I wouldn’t even live in his house. I know guys that have bought a house and got into a relationship just so they can charge rent to pay off the mortgage. Then they dump the partner.

  8. If you’re considerate, you would offer to pay something. Unless he’s like rich and insist you don’t. However, I’m personally not paying rent at a house you bought without me Maybe grocery’s idk, internet bill that’s about it. 🤷🏽‍♀️.

  9. My fiancé and I live together “been living for a few years now “..He pays everything … He’s very successful and he doesn’t want me to pay anything .. Because well,I got myself a good man.. I know how to pick them … I would NEVER picked a broke man or a cheap man or I’ll just stay single .. Girls,know how to pick em .. If your man ask you to split the rent …NEXT.. ewoo no you broke ..

  10. Adrienne’s point was dumb. She’s his GF which means she’ll be SHARING a room! Not taking up another room!🙄 but I do think bills should be split or at least she should take on some bills like the cable, phone or electricity.

  11. Look up studies done on how men and women split the bills and household tasks. Study after study will show you that no matter how much money a woman brings in to share with the bills, she still ends up doing the majority of the household tasks. Women end up getting the short end of the stick in the majority of situations. So for those men saying the women should split the bills 50/50, you better not be like the subjects of those studies and actually contribute to doing 50% of the household tasks too instead of leaving it to your woman.

  12. You should never put yourself in a situation you can’t afford? Anyway, they should contribute in a way that makes sense. Renting out space, when you own the home, doesn’t. Rather, split the bills.

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