Should Cavaliers Pursue Paul George? | The Jump | ESPN

Rachel Nichols, Zach Lowe, Mike Miller and Vince Carter weigh in on if the Cleveland Cavaliers should pursue a trade for Indiana Pacers star Paul George in order to keep LeBron James’ title window open.

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  • Yeah Kevin love missed shots in game 3, but he is playing good espically on rebounding, get rid of Deron Williams, get rid of Iman and maybe JR as well. Then Tyrone lue needs to change their system. Need to have a system for the bench to play good as well

  • Paul George is going to the warriors. So is Leonard.

  • Trade Thompson and Smith for Drummond a proven dominant in paint player

  • you know what fuck duran and the warrior in a few years they are not be a super team

  • Why Dont They just recruit the Entire Eastern Conference All Stars

  • Get either PG, Melo, D-Wade or Westbrook. Remember guys, last year Warriors and Cavaliers were even. But this year, Warriors managed to get Durant who's the 2nd best player in the world. So to match that up, you need to get at least a player among the top 10. Getting Korver is not enough since he's not at par with Durant……

  • They should pursue Jimmy Butler instead

  • Guys get ready for another super team next season 😉

  • Still won't win

  • No

  • if you cant beat em join em

  • They need a dominant rebounder

  • What if that could happened

  • Getting PG is stupid
    Cavs lose to GSW cuz they cant play D
    They should trade for drummond

  • What Paul George…what will you benefit from him Cleveland??? Anyways even if they bring Paul George to Cleveland Lebron will go to Clippers next season. Then when Lebron leave Cleveland they will not make the playoffs again with Kyrie, Kevin and supposed Paul George!!!

  • Sorry Cleveland, Paul George is going to be a Laker.

  • Get rid of JR salary and give George 2 years, this will allow the young players in LA time to mature so he can leave and go back home. They need a legit 3 point shooter in the lineup, but I don't know if Love can do it in big games.

  • So LBJ has to keep creating super teams to win?

  • i wanna see paul george and anthony davis together.

  • ok so instead of paul george maybe jimmy bulter who a great defender dont trade jr shumpert

  • sorry but pg13 isnt like kevin durant, george has always come up short against lebron and will not join him until he beats him

  • Can see it now. "The 2 kings" King James, King George

  • Trade Kyrie for Dame Lillard….that's purely it…then if you could trade JR smith and some benchwarmers for other better pieces (like Exum or Clarkson), do it…Love and Tristan stays…they are not doing anything wrong…

  • Get Melo and a legit Center

  • boogie/drummond to the cavs for tt and smith

  • you guys don't forget about Andre Drummond… he's out for trade the pistons declared it. he could be great against the warriors

  • Mane ion know if George would ever consider going to Cleveland cuz he wants to beat Lebron and he ain't no BITCH like KD is

  • would it be the same if pg went to the team that beat him like kd would we hate pg

  • The Cavs really just need a borderline allstar. Someone like a Victor Oladipo who can average about 15-18.

  • the problem with cavs is they are in win now mode, they have no young talent they can groom to contribute in the future. they guys theyve signed were solid vets past their prime. Deron Williams, Channing Frye, Kyle Korver.- these guys arent going to get better or stalwarts defensively Theyve got a core thats in their current prime. Lebron, Irving, Love, Smith, Shupert, Thompson. Dellavedova is a better fit than Deron Williams and was a better hustler.

  • The warriors wont even be the Cavs main problem anymore… The rise of the Chicago Bulls has begun. Kyrie to Chicago when hes eligible for free agency, he will be the last piece in the puzzle. A superstar Jimmy buckets in 2-3 years with Kyrie and a built team. Lebrons gonna retire in the next 4 years.

  • Paul George isn't a superstar he is more of a star

  • nba is scripted

  • The fuck! You mean Cavs vs GSW? Again again again??? …. fuck 4times in this media is suck

  • Stop comparing PG13 to Cleveland with KD to GS.

    1. Cavs weren't down 3-1 to IND in the ECF.

    2. PG13 wouldn't be joining a record breaking 73 win team.

    3. The warriors didn't need Kevin Durant.. They just needed him not to be in OKC – Nick Wright

    What are the CAVS supposed to do just watch GS build this unstoppable superteam and do nothing?

  • He has two years left on his deal you fucking losers go look.

  • That would make PG looks like he making KD move lol.

  • Why not just have the East All Stars vs West All Stars fight for the NBA Championship!!! My lord this league is beyond blasphemy!

  • I don't see PG13 teaming up with LeBron after the KD fiasco I think PG would rather re-sign for the max and stay with the Pacers than go and join LeBron, then again PG wants to go the  Lakers anyways soo…

  • while keeping

  • yessssss!!!