Shabu-Shabu Is the Ultimate Japanese Meat Fest | Food Skills


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  • I am totally first commenter notification sqaud

  • Im hungry

  • This looks amazing.

  • I want to try hot pot ASAP

  • shabu shabu is the best thing in the world.
    I recommend you go to any shabu shabu all you can eat meat, when you visit japan.

  • I want a Japanese meat fest in my mouth.

  • "Meat fest" you say?

  • Japanese meat fest? damn is that some kinda orgy

  • You feel like the bowl is a portal to the meat dimension…

  • I really should stop watching food vids while I'm hungry

  • that beat is sick !!

  • Well that was short

  • Hentai offers a unique perspective on an otherwise taboo side of life.

  • V S

    I recently tried Shabu-Shabu for the first time and it was amazing. I love how you essentially create the broth as you cook the ingredients, and get to eat it while you cook too. In the end, you're left with a perfect broth you can dump your noodles into.

  • I'm tryin to cut.

    This is not helping.

  • Looks like disappointing phó to me

  • for your editor – if working with switching dark/light backgrounds, probably best to outline your text. some was illegible. see 0:13

  • Isn't Shane-Shabu Thai slang for Meth?


  • an angry chef got disgusted by a customer asking for beef and veggie soup, so he said "make it yourself" and this is what you get.

  • Food porn

  • I remember going to this little Japanese place and getting this, and holy fuck it was so good

  • 1:31? man I could really have gone for a 10-15min video of someone like Sean having a sit down with a Shabu-Shabu expert or chef where they try various different things.

  • reesees puffs reesees puffs

  • Prepared one piece at a time? Hell nah, dump the whole plate in everybody and order the next round, lets feast!

  • well im hungry now, thanks.

  • yo that intro Song was fire!

  • I'm a simple man. I see "Ultimate Japanese Meat Fest" and I like.

  • damn this looks incredible. I've always wanted to make some kind of japanese hot pot or a soup or something.

  • First go find out the origins of hot pot then come back to Shabu Shabu please. Y'all don't know anything about food. I been eating hot pot 20 years