Seth Rogen and Dominic Cooper Suffer While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


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  • Got so tired of zombie shows on AMC all about Hollywood drama now. Preacher is the best show by far,

  • You guys should get TheReportofTheWeek on here.

  • Should have made rogan eat a carolina reaper.

  • Ive done a spoonful of Mad Dog 357 before on a dare.  I was shitting blood the next morning…. lol

  • Please do this with Steve Carrell & Kristen Wiig

  • idubbz

  • Get idubbz or filthy frank

  • You should rename your sauce to "The Devil's Load"

  • i really enjoyed him suffering

  • Ice cube or Tyrese Gibson

  • Jk

    Damn thats two likable dudes

  • this shit went from like 1k to 100k scoville LMAO

  • Try water sauce

  • where can I get a shirt/jacket that seth rogan is wearing? I love that style and have always wanted a jacket like that. please help, thank you so much

  • I want the rock!

  • love the show. wish they'd talk more about preacher. I want to hear how Seth got into vertigo, how long he's wanted this project, how hard he had to fight to get people to back such an insanely violent title.

  • I woulda watched it if Seth Rogen wasn't there..
    I haven't laughed at him since observe and report..

  • omg that jew is annoying

  • dominic cooper is easily the hottest thing in this video

  • Too many sound effects and background music on this episode, especially with two guest. I love the show!!! Sean just didn't really get to connect with guest and would have been better with one on one with Seth.

  • My dream is to smoke and chill with Seth Rogan for a few hours,has to be funny and fun.

  • Seth Rogen looks so young! like they recored this when he was in 40 year old virgin :O

  • lmao that laughter

  • preacher season 2!!! I'm so excited!!!! ahhh!!!

  • satan's semen!! God no!!! hahahahahhahaha

  • I don't like the new sound effects

  • You should get reviewbrah on here