Senate vote to advance GOP health care bill is postponed

Senate Republican leaders postponed a procedural vote amid a lack of sufficient support; Trump met with GOP senators at the White House.


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  • obama care was and is a timebomb when federal subsidy gets dropped after 3 years

  • gonna need 22 million more pictures to demonstrate what a disaster that bill is. Good riddens.

  • ABC be like FAKE NEWS.. RUSSIA Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia

  • We Need Medicare For All

  • This was so disliked, I'm glad it's taking longer.

  • schumer is the scum of the swamp, please keep him n skeletor pelosi. lmao


  • they only think about money

  • another Trump failure.

  • They should of let 0bamacare die on its own and then repeal it 100%.

  • fake md

  • Let's start another American Revolution going all the way back to 1776!!

  • the government needs to stay out of total control of health care. fix the insurance systems, thats what it takes, the goverment was never put in place to totally control. Obama was wrong and trump is wrong, same if anyone in the goverment become president when it comes to health care. Cost of living is insane for most, there are programs that can be revamped that cost way less them the government controlling everyones health care, wake up people.

  • im a caregiver they are fucked up against the people who really need it.

  • Its crazy that the GOP constitutes will crucify them for passing that bill yet they still will try to pass it.

  • GOP They Want to kill little children old white fuckers

  • these are united states citizens that are going to loose insurance…. and you think that's ok. Really? GREED IS NOT ONE OF THE SEVEN DEADLY'S FOR NO REASON!!!!!

  • I hope this country does fall soon. #AmericaSucks

  • 听不懂

  • If Democrats don't get on the ball and capitalize on the Republicans failure and offer something other than, at least we're not them. I don't think it's going to be good enough. You need to offer real change. You need to run Single Payer and getting Corporate bribe money out of politics. You need to pick up Bernie Sanders platform ASAP and run with it!

  • Kill the rich!


  • The leader of the crybaby party lol

  • 6 senators oppose?, what about the millions​ of people that will under go all the stress for 10 yrs. Face the truth things were much better under President Obama, this Putin cock hoster Trump isn't doing none of the things he promised the people. but he's doing a great job at being Putins friend.

  • Republicans are seeing their fuck up for voting on Trump. if Republicans are having such a hard time on Medicaid, etc what will be the fuck up with other American issues, Trump will twit the blame on Mr. Obama, and Mrs. Clinton.

  • Republicans, Trump is is getting you all together to say your fired, Trump will probably hire all the Democrats to do the job Right.

  • The Gop health plan does NOT cut medicaid deep enough.

  • I've just read this on Fox News, can someone tell if its me or is the wording really bizzare..for the 21st century

    Lower-income voters (55 percent), women (58 percent), urban voters (63 percent), non-whites (77 percent), and Democrats (89 percent) give ObamaCare some of its highest favorable ratings.

  • The GOP Senate Death Bill is on life support; it is terminal!

  • Mitch McConnell (we are looking to get 50 people to a comfortable place) never mind the 15-20 million who won't be in a comfortable place eh Mitch