Sen. Susan Collins: ‘Very serious concerns’ with the Senate health care bill

The Republican senator from Maine voices a number of concerns about the Senate GOP health care bill on “This Week.”


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  • American people are worth much more than a poorly designed health Bill, should be better benefits not a death sentence for our most vulnerable! Sick children and our beloved elderly!!

  • these old rinos need to retire and let young real conservatives lead the Republican party.

  • Let's take away the politicians health care plan and see how quickly they fix it!

  • I am a healthy 56 year old. My insurance premiums will skyrocket under the GOP bills (both of them). My deductible and copays will rise substantially. This bill gives hundreds of billions to the rich in tax breaks. Do they need affordable health insurance? It gives a tax break to insurance co CEO's compensation. This is a TOTAL JOKE people. It is not an improvement to anyone except people that don't need help with affordable health insurance.

  • She wants Democrats to negotiate on this piece of garbage, with 3 days to vote? They were totally locked out of drafting it, along with most Republicans. She just tossed that in to make a political statement.

  • There's about 3 Republicans with a conscience, Collins is one of them.

  • Sen. Susan Collins sounds like a Democrat not a Republican.

  • Democrats are too busy with Russian hacker conspiracies , they don't care about the elderly and poor

  • Can't wait to watch the news when this inevitably backfires….Americans are so good at hurting themselves, no one else needs to even try.

  • This tug of war on the healthcare act or what have you………is a sign and symptom of stubborness. Why is it difficult to come to some kind of compromise? usually this happens when there exists a tinee-wenee bit of unfairness. It gives off a very ominous feeling of the beginning of a SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST mess. If you cut healthcare program that help a certain group of people you will push that entire group of people (black white red and blue) into survival mode. and I would hate to be within smelling distance of hungry, angry wolves. . . struggling to help their young ones survive. We are ALL connected.

  • why can't we have the same health insurance the senators have ?. the government will pay a lot more when people file bankruptcy on their medical bills and the poor just won't pay and the hospitals just write it off on taxes

  • the only realistic Republican!!!

  • This may sound harsh, but I think they need to pass this health care bill.  Currently, a lot of Trump supporters are on Medicaid or ACA. Many of them are on opioids and dying at an alarming rate. Without Medicaid or ACA they will end up dying and maybe when they repeal ACA, they will see their grandparents being kicked out nursing homes and them dying off, they will finally see that this orange leader is a con-artist. These people have to hit rock bottom before they stop defending this mad I actually hope it pass.

  • Senator Susan Collins is just the kind of people Washington needs MORE of. Those who have common sense and will not follow the party line like a hooked fish. I salute you Madame Collins.

  • Senator Collins, the GOP moved from being the party of Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt to being the Party of Jefferson Davis, John C. Calhoun and Elmer Gantry. What are you waiting for? I converted in 1985.

  • this lady is not a Republican.

  • You really can't put 2 + 2 together can you? The Party of Jefferson Davis and John C. Calhoun is now the Republican Party. They have been taken over. Lincoln is spinning in his grave. Theodore Roosevelt, especially after the privatization of the Parks, is spinning in his grave. Labels don't mean shit. It is the philosophy and the ideology that is now part and parcel of what used to be the GOP. You obviously are NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

  • As A Mainer, i'll take the Rand Paul idea over anything this silly woman sides with!!