Sean Evans Samples America’s Best Barbecue | Sean in the Wild


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  • delicious episode. See you on T.V. Sean, you guys deserve it.

  • wait WTF put your food in a cooler? that's someone that doesn't understand how temperature effects food WTF

  • The Midwest & the south have the best BBQ hands down if the didn't go to those types of competition's or events not a single soul in the big apple would know what real BBQ is and I am speaking from experience I eat the shit out of BBQ top 2 places in general for me are Missouri and Texas I give other states a chance when traveling but its not the same for me at all everyone is different tho some people grow up eating ass that they call BBQ and they get use to it I guess lol πŸ–πŸ½πŸ–πŸ—

  • You need to go to Buxton Hall BBQ in Asheville, NC

  • I wanna see The Rock be on this show!! Would be awesome to see him eat wings and see if he can handle the heat πŸ˜ƒ


  • Brisket is the one thing I missed when I lived in NYC, the best thing about TX is its food

  • The fact that KC is not involved means you didn't have the best barbeque at all. You have failed.

  • Sean Evans Get back on the hot wings….right meow

  • Fuck pork. BEEF all the way!

    (bacon is ok)

  • I'm trying to figure out how the last guy fits his foot into those Prestos

  • Omg looks SO GOOD 😍😍😍

  • Smoke ring is a fallacy. sorry.

  • let's se Conan O'Brien on Hot Ones.

  • ol' Bama boy was high as balls

  • I'm a vegitarian and this turned me on

  • I could rub one out to this

  • Was waiting for him to pull out the Hot One's sauce lol

  • This looks great and makes me smile. As an RN…strokes and cancer from eating this even semi-regularly.

  • I am very hungry.

  • @ 1:46 – Sean looks like he trying to squeeze out a fart quietly.

  • Nice to see my 2 favorite bbq restaurants were represented. Martin's BBQ joint in Nolensville,TN and Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur,AL.

  • Sean, you now have to go on a mission to Kansas City for the American Royal World Series of BBQ in August.

  • Bro im so fucking hungry from watching this

  • shout out to salt lick, its amazing.

  • I live in So Cal and can appreciate the variety of Bbq from all regions. They each have a special flavor and are equally as good just different. My dad's grilled pork ribs are my favorite. 😎

  • Yummm that ending was great

  • KC?!

  • damn can't eat non of that shit (plz kill meπŸ˜‚)

  • none of this touches my pops bbq

  • You come to kc and I'll show you some serious BBQ

  • New York cooking on one of the best smokers on the market a Lang 108

  • Homeboy at the end doesn't know Texas. Houston is more divers than NYC. We have those flavors too.

  • fuk texass

  • the salt lick is so damn good

  • this video gave my stomach a boner

  • Yeah I'm not gonna be vegan

  • I'm so hungry now

  • there is no excuse for these beef 'n' pork eating hipster-ish sons of bitches .. they should pay serious fines for eating that nasty bullshit meat. And then they should go make a show where they would hunt, kill and eat the animals that they make these shitty videoes about. then i would be impressed… this is just human scum on video.

  • Those fucking maniacs…

  • thanks for making me hungry…..Asshole

  • Ribs should fall off the bone, the guy is full of shit.

  • hah, salt lick is a poor representation of texas' best. Theyre not bad, but more generic than our best

  • Bludso's on La Brea is the best. Unless you're in San Diego then go to Phil's lol

  • Is Sean cold natured? He's burning me up in all those clothes

  • Pig Beach, Lith Harbor