Russell Westbrook Cannot Win Title With Thunder | First Take | June 27, 2017

The First Take crew agrees 2017 NBA MVP Russell Westbrook cannot win an NBA title with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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  • KD is not the second best player BTW

  • This Max stand-in would make a good, greasy politician.

  • I'd love to start a team with Westbrook and Adams, but to me that's about all they got

  • I would think if Westbrook and Lebron switched teams, Cavs would still go to the Finals. Having Westbrook and Kyrie as your fourth quarter closers. Ouch.

  • If I'm Westbrook I wouldn't give af. I'm about to sign a 5 year extension worth more than 200 mil. He's going to be the highest paid player in history. Fuck a ring

  • not unless he stops stat padding

  • In order for the thunder to win. We need Zara pachulia to break ankles with his HOF ankle breaker badge on the opponents star players and bam he got a ring. But fr, wee need Gordon Hayward to somehow sign and start Steven Adams, and Enes Kanter and the rest of the people to get better and not be scared to make a play.

  • only if they kept James Harden

  • lol LeBron does that because he's in the east he couldn't take that same team he has to the finals in the West

  • it's funny how will cain says Russell Westbrook can't win because he only won 1 playoff game last year but when you bring up Tony homo and his ONLY 2 playoff wins it's a different story & Texas should praise him.

  • Doesent matter who coach is to beat warriors your gonna need 1-3 more all stars on your team

  • This thunder roster can't win, especially with Russell's low percentage shooting, not possible unless he shoots around 55% from the field and 40% from 3

  • Thunder was Golden State before Golden State. Even better. Imagine drafting Durant, Westbrook, Harden and Ibaka. GS had only 4 in Klay, Curry, Draymond. Injuries killed them though. They should have been to 4 straight NBA finals if Westbrook , Ibaka, and Durant didn't get injured one after the other. Harden in 2013, Ibaka in 2014 and Durant in 2015. Such a bad break! A team usually gets a 4 to 5 year window to win and well 3 of them were wasted with an injury to one of their big three,

  • westbrook ain't gonna win a damn chip in OKC. If you think otherwise you're either biased or stupid.

  • this is the d league for first take.

  • westbrook and pg in the lakers baby

  • Thunder had one of the youngest teams ever heading into the playoffs
    Oladipo and Adams are now tied up for like forever

  • Thunder had it's chance. they'll have it again in 10 yrs or so.. thank the front office for that

  • Who's the new little whore moderating?

  • This is a shitty ass topic… next topic will be: "The nets aren't beating the cavs."

  • ESPN please ask Stephen A if Kwame Brown will be good in Big 3 basketball

  • He CAN win with thunder just need better players

  • OKC does not deserve a championship, because of the backstabing lowblow of a way they took away the Basketball team from Seattle.

  • what is the name of the girl?

  • This year was Westbrook's year to be mad and to hog the ball and blow the stats. He is allowed that. However next year he has to change his aproach in a huge way. Houston played horrible in the 1st round and Russ's horrible bricklaying in the 4th quarter costed OKC the win in that series. But it's all okay he had the right to play like that thsi year. If he goes to the Lakers though…

  • this white man always talking shit .they almost blew the warriors out last year 3-1lead. but kd 🐍 ass threw the game away .all 3 games this nigga kd was passing the ball to the warriors players. watch the games

  • dunno why but Will Cain kinda piss me off

  • 1 MVP zero chips is what he'll finish with. Iverson 2.0.

  • Westbrook will never win a ring until he changes his game to where he's more of a team player

  • Just last year Stephs MVP meant everything, now it's meaningless to this dude

  • Westbrook Abrines ? Sabonis Adams
    Oladipo McDermott Grant
    They are missing a SF because IMO they can't resign Roberson if he gets offers over 15M. And they have to dump Kanters contract.
    Time to get Paul George.
    Offer a future first round pick + Ferguson. Effectively two first round picks.
    If they get Paul George for that, that starting lineup instantly becomes one of the best in the NBA. Abrines and Sabonis have shown great signs, and if they can both shoot over 38 percent and average 10+ points(which is highly likely IMO) that's a great starting five that can match up favourably against the warriors.
    But the bench is obviously quite an issue.
    I'm hoping Oladipo can become a sixth man in the mould of James Harden but not as good. Basically, he just needs to learn to distribute better. He's got Norris Cole here who was a good playmaker at the Heat. Norris needs to help Oladipo.
    If Oladipo can become an effective distributor, Donovan not only has a decent bench rotation of Oladipo, McBuckets and Grant, but they can do the anti death lineup again. Grant replaces Ibaka as the rim protector, Oladipo comes in for Sabonis. Grant vs Green, Iggy vs Abrines, Oladipo vs Thompson, Westbrook vs Curry, Durant vs George.

    Thats a unlikely, but promising team. If OKC can somehow get that team to work, I think Westbrook gets his chance to avenge 2016. They never should've lost to GSW.

  • he not proally a top 5 he is top 5 Lbj Kd Russ Kawahi Harden

  • John Sally needs a Damn show

  • He's got to go to his home town L.A and unite with Paul George… Lonzo Ball… Brook Lopez… Brandon Ingram… and Julius Randle next season…

  • This is what kd ran away from . And he's now a fmvp and a champion . Westbrook got a pity award essentially

  • if you have system player, you dont need many super star. its about efficienci and how to make another teammates have spirit. not just stand and watch. westbrook cant do it until he change his style

  • If OKC would've displayed just a tiny amount of patience they could've potentially been the greatest dynasty ever

  • The problem is not Westbrook himself. it is GSW. KD made this boring situation

  • Remember when Jordan was the best player on his team and still couldn't win in the playoffs. You build a team around Westbrook and you can win. The super teams can't stay together 4ever. Either salary or age will catch up with them.

  • The First Crew is nothing but a drama stirring channel.

  • Will Cain = Skip Bayless 2.0

  • Thunders should sign Scotty Pippen.

  • OKC were the pre-2016 warriors with Harden, Reggie Jackson , Serge Ibaka, Westbrook and KD but NO star had an cheap contract making injury like curry and the GM had no Showtime understanding in a Showtime league.

  • OKC choke themself by let KD , Ibaka and Harden go. This shitty team is a mess. I beg Wesbrook to out of this team he can go anywhere but not this team.

  • Sam presti needs to be fired

  • This show is boring with out max and Stephen smith honestly lolol

  • If Westbrook has other good teammates he won't be MVP westbrook

  • Can someone explain to me why oladipo is making $21m a year the dude is a role player 3rd option on a team at best

  • hopefully Westbrook doesn't sell out!
    Thunder up!