Rooster Teeth and Sean Evans Sample New York City BBQ | Sean in the Wild

Once mocked for its lack of quality smoked meats, NYC has finally become a serious contender on the national BBQ scene. But does it have the chops to appease two Texas locals? In the hopes of gaining some perspective, Sean Evans enlists the help of Barbara Dunkelman and Burnie Burns—two of the visionaries behind Austin-based production company Rooster Teeth. At Fletcher’s in Brooklyn, chef Matt Fisher is busy combining Southern cooking techniques with international flavors, creating a barbecue style that’s distinctly New York. Will the pork char siu be enough to convert Barbara and Burnie to the church of NYC BBQ? Watch an all new episode of SITW and find out.

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  1. Barbara? really? i mean ik shes a part of rt and runs the media portion but there was plenty of others more deserving imo. still, its good to see them on here, and for the most part enjoyed this episode. c:

  2. Im just offended by thw fact that rwby wasnt mentioned, like common now, aside from fucking red and blue, rwby is their big show, and now its a 4 way game made by arc, if thats not big enough, idk what is

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