“He’s a hell of a fighter..he’s very talented…he’s a good counter puncher and he’s got power…Broner’s two losses are to fighters that are similar style…Mikey’s totally different…Mikey hits a lot harder right now,” stated Robert Garcia, world-class trainer of Mikey Garcia, who spoke more about their upcoming showdown with multi-division former world champion Adrien Broner. Check it out!


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  • Mikey & Robert doing a lot more tlkn than usual. In my eyez it's coming across like they tryna convince they self they can beat AB

  • Lol they have to sell the fight why would he say anything about AB that would make us not watch it

  • Mikey can be touched and has been down with lesser punchers.

  • I'm having a hard time believing that Mikey hits harder than Madaina

  • Robert Garcia is speaking very humbly about Mikey here, mentioning all the criticisms about Mikey in this matchup. Thats good, they know exactly what they're getting into, its not going to be easy to beat broner, actually very tough, but the fact that Robert knows how much a challenge this is for Mikey is a big plus for Mikey coming prepared.

  • Dude been fighting featherweights in his whole career, Broner been in 140 to 147 these past few years. You'll be surprised with Broner. Mexicunts will be on suicide watch when AB KO this puto.

  • I'm sick of these vids that start off with "so and so warns ". It's ridiculous when trainers warn the other fighter.

  • haha mikey gona smash ab all over lol

  • Mikey has more powr than Anthony Joshua

  • Mikey digs deep for his wins while broner damn near give up when he's losing the fight .. So Mikey Garcia is gonna beat AB.

  • If Garcia hits harder than Maidana I hit harder than Tyson.

  • According to film, Mickey does not show evidence of having bigger power than Maidana, Molinan, Porter or Theopane.

  • Mickey Mouse hits harder than Canelo

  • AB taking this… 🚯

  • AB by 5th round KO!

  • If AB starts slow and flat footed he will lose by land slide possibly get stopped and career would be done…. But if he come out and show the talent we know he has and is fast and is moving and using angles and footwork and ring generalship then he could get the W. I want AB to win this so bad to maintain his career and get the big money fight he wants and deserves. The guy may be a ass hole but he is a entertaining one and I love what he brings to the sport, I just want the guy to produce in the ring.