Rihanna And Naomi Campbell Feud Over New Boyfriend Hassan Jameel

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  • I would drive a 2017 Mercedes-Benz over a 1990 any day lol

  • let hoes be god damn

  • T R

    Naomi needs to find someone her age… the whole "age is but a number" thing can only go so far. She looks good at 40… but come on girl, let it go.

  • it's funny his name Translate into
    best & beautiful

  • When Charlamagne said "Ooooooo" at 2:58 … I knew he was gonna end that rumour with "Drop one of Clue's bomb for…" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Who would have thought there were so many jealous lesbians out there. Why these hoes are so concerned with Rih's strawberry love cave is a mystery to me. Or maybe it's just the fact that she can get a billionaire and yall can't get a man with a job.

  • Dame Dash is a genius

  • Y'all be watching stuff of the Wendy Show and say it on the radio ?

  • Dash Diabetes Network.. awesome, this guy's a boss and helping others at the same time. DAaammm Dash.

  • At least they not getting defecated on by him and his wealthy friends…..yet!

  • Charlemagne saying he don't care but asked Chilli 20 times why she not following him and couldn't let it go….shut yo lying ass up

  • hahahahahah charlemagne said R2D2 look like a high class fire hydrant then he said if you stand next to it on the street and someone would try to put mail in it lmaaaoooooooooooo

  • Why was drake left off bad of boujee?

  • Damn y'all outdated at the Breakfast Club they got this thing now on Instagram where you can search people followers lmfaooo so I can go to Rihanna's followers and type in the search box of somebody I wanna find who does.

  • I like Rihanna, but she's a hoe . She fools around with plenty of other women's men.

  • I know dudes family is about to be pissed. they probably told him You can do whatever you want with these black girls just don't do it on camera. He might get disowned

  • people need to remember that boy is from Saudi Arabia and they treat their women like dogs. keep selling out tho

  • boi, I love my ppl, but damn. in these comments I see y'all calling Ri and Naomi hoes or being racist towards Arabic ppl. chiiiiillll.

  • that boy dame can spin shit into gold can't he

  • Naomi Campbell is damn near 50, how she gonna be jealous of a 29 year old Rihanna enjoying life

  • love love the breakfast club.

  • Rihanna is a hoe

  • Naomi is too old for him, he probably wants someone who is around his age. Let's be honest, people date each other for fun, but in the process, they want someone who can give them a possibility of marriage and a family. Maybe he is just more comfortable around women his age, and not to mention the family pressures of contributing to the bloodlines. Maybe both of them are just banging and nothing more.

  • Wow Hasan Lucky af cause Rihanna & Naomi are like the finest women 😍 but its too bad they not friends any more I really lived their friendship but I'm happy for RiRi

  • Yall keep forgetting Rih Rih is a fucking SAVAGE! Shes that scorned woman that KNOWS the power she has over men. When ever she wants it she'll get it with no strings attached. She dont have a man she got play things.

  • we should learn to go rihanna/Naomi's route, these lazy black, down low, aids infested black "guys"(and I use guys very lossely) can't do anything for us …good for them and everyone who's making wise decisions

  • a billion dollar. dick makes a female goe crazy

  • Rihanna will marry or go in a public relationship with a white man… stay tune

  • Why would Rihanna and Naomi fight over his money? Damn let Rihanna live, she got her own money so do Naomi

  • rihanna winninSubscribe! -Fosheezy

  • he's gonna stone rihanna to death after he finished beating that pussy up.

  • This Beta-Simpin' even got the sistas trippin'.

  • Finally no dudes fighting over vagina for a change


  • gosh why are you people so Jealous of black women do no the or any of the people , two fix your Hateful text as two where you know who's going to married that's why you're men are leaving you understand.

  • oh my gosh drink this video truly looks like pretty hangsomjcould