Rick Ross Disses Birdman, Eminem Defends New Album, Bhad Bhabie Is Urban? | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Whoo Kid joined DJ Akademiks and Nadeska to talk about Rick Ross dissing Birdman again, Eminem defending his album, Bhad Bhabie wilding out, and much more.

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  1. Yo I usually side with Ak but yall act like kids can only learn how to be by their parents. I live 15 mins from that badbharbie bih and every white girl from boynton talks and acts like that. They learn it from the mostly black schools they go to. Obviously what shes saying is dumb because we all know you can act a color but you gotta remember shes only 14 and hasn't experienced people who do that or hasn't noticed atleast. Same goes for slim jesus. but that bih woahvicky or whatever is jokes she really be acting.

  2. is COMPLEX fucking idiots??? you guys let go of JOE and now you think y'all can function without his energy?! this shit won't last past 2 months because this show is TRASH without him. straight up. WAKE UP AND PAY THAT MAN FOR GIVING YALL THE CONSISTENT RELEVANCE. nadeska is a snoozefest and akademiks is a brownoser! this shit is wack… rappers were all aware of the vitality of this show and that's what made y'all continue to shine… this is a huge mistake

  3. +djakademiks Yooooo The Whoo Kid must have same amazing stories… Can ya'll ask him about his situation with Big Pun allegedly putting him in a trunk? Since making mixtapes had those risks back than what are the risks that DJs have to take today?

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