Rich the Kid Leaves 300 Ent after they refused to put out his album and Sign to Interscope.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Rich the Kid Leaving 300 Ent after they refused to put out his album and Sign to Interscope.
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  1. The same thing could happen at interscope. Just because you record an album and turn it it don't me your label will accept it. This leaves the artist in limbo but the label still free to sign more acts and make money. Not right but that's the business. Independence is key in the digital and Information Age that we are in. Also a lot of artist don't request a key man clause in their contract. Basically means if the AnR and management leave the label before your contract and music is out you have the choice to leave too as the new management and AnR may want to take your project in a different direction etc

  2. Dax prolly too dumb to realize he didn't need Rich to sign to interscope. Rich taking all of dex money. Smh. He's too stupid Dex. I feel bad for him. Rich ain't rich bc he can't even pay for yeezys he stole from some young kid on IG. Damn rappers are too fucking stupid to be living.

  3. It's sad when people are taking advantage of others artists when they think they have their best interest in minds. Smh. Per Dex could've signed his own deal at interscope and got hella money that now 5 people are taking a cut of everything Dex is selling. Man these stupid people will ever learn. How come I can't find stupid people like this ?!?

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