Rich Chigga Schools Sean Evans on Indonesian Food | Sean in the Wild

Rich Chigga may be a rap star, meme legend, and fanny-pack icon. But he also boasts a wealth of knowledge about Indonesian food. Hoping to get a grasp on the country’s cuisine, Sean Evans brings the Jakarta native to Bali Kitchen—a new destination for fast-casual Indonesian food in NYC. From rendang and nasi goreng, to the various spice levels found in sambal, Rich Chigga breaks down the Indonesian food commandments once and for all. But whatever you do, just don’t call him a hot dog.

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  1. Ok, maybe you guys in the comments can help, but there's a Vietnamese restaurant that has these amazing rolls and they always give this sauce on the side, but I have no clue what it is. It looks exactly like that sambal sauce or however it's spelled at 3:20, I'm guessing they are the same sauce since Indonesia and Vietnam are pretty close? Anyone have a clue cause I love that damn sauce lol

  2. man, so, gado gado is the national dish, however nasi goreng is the one they are best know for (however nasi goreng is NOT an indo dish, it is a dish that goes by the same name found throughout malay speaking countries

  3. Shun please make a video on how you got where you are now I️ love this line of work it’s like a dope interview podcast channel and I’ve only wondered how you get into interviewing on a big scale like this , pretty please!

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