Remy Ma Fires Vince Herbert As Manager Because Of Tamar Braxton Drama

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  1. Y'all are some true haters. The song is actually a nice song. But y'all dumb asses out here listening to that Catch Me Outside hoodrat and have the nerves to say Iggy is appropriating hip hop SMH.

  2. Charlamagne calling Iggy mayonnaise but the gag is he bleached his skin and he’s still ugly. And btw Iggy is signed to Island records now. Savior is a good song and actually Quavo asked to be on it after hearing it. Iggy is back🤑🤑

  3. This is not true Wendy Williams reported on the same story today on her show and towards the end of her talking about it she said that Vincent called up to the bureau to let them know that him and Remy Ma will be meeting this week fake news

  4. Maybe he means that Def Jam is not willing to payola for Iggy's album like they did the first time around. Charlamagne was on her dick hard because he was being paid…just like he is with Cardi B now.

  5. Who gives a f___ what Charlemagne thinks? He is just another Big mouth ugly MF with a negative opinion about people who he feels like can't do anything to help his career , only haters like him

  6. I honestly don't get the hate with Iggy. She's dope to me! You got Easy E out here doing the same damn thing and everybody suckin' the nigga dick like it ain't pink and funny lookin' like every other white dick.

  7. Yo charla stfu you my nigga on some sc shit but dawg you bandwagon I told him that about supporting the kak he told me he been supporting looks to me he supports then un supports real fast according to other comments about what he feels about iggy then and now. You better start keeping that same energy.

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