Redman on Being Around Keith Murray and 2Pac When Beef Almost Blew Up

Redman spoke exclusively to VladTV about his song “Got My Mind Made Up” appearing on 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me, which he admits wasn’t the original plan. Redman went on to explain that he and Method Man originally recorded the song with Daz Dillinger and Kurupt, but 2Pac demanded to have all of the “hot” material for his album and he took the Redman feature for himself. 

Moving along, Redman spoke about meeting 2Pac several times, including during his beef with Keith Murray, which Redman said almost blew up on one occasion. To hear more of what Redman had to say, hit the above clip.


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  • the seed of chucky

  • Damn!! Saddest thing about this video is how thrown Keith Murray is. Slow motion on food pills or a drank. Fuck that….. OGs don't hold themselves like that

  • Redman is my guy! Peace to the God

  • Being a guy who wants to fight someone just because they said something about you that you did not like does noes not make you a man, but it does seem to reveal that you are a overly sensitive dude who cannot for some insane, perhaps gynocentric, reason properly take criticism.

  • Wow, that nigga looks like shit.

  • Keith Murray hasn't aged a day since the 90s. Dude may be immortal 🤔

  • How come Treach and Red didnt do more songs together?

  • LOL Sounded like Pac was trying to ride on everybody with "Shot" in their song titles and shit.

  • vlad dug up every interview that mentioned tupac to milk all eyez on me buzz,but wont post a birtday vid dedicated to pac?

  • was that DJ Small Eyez interviewing Keith Murray ???!?!

  • You know you a broke ass celebrity when you get interviewed by VLAD

  • its crazy Red said that because as a youngin i used to think he was a west coast nigga. I seen him fuckin wit Dogg Pound an MC Eiht and his shit had that west coast funk to it.

  • Redman is a straight sucka ! Talking about he absolutely did not know Tupac, You can Google Redman and Tupac right now and about 4 or 5 pictures are gonna come up of them niggas in clubs together ! SMDH

  • this nigga jaw structure not playin no games with y'all niggas

  • 2pac beefed with everybody fuckin sensitive ass dude

  • top 10 in the rap game

  • this interview old

  • The whole keith muray and 2pac situation had me laughing when redman started laughing saying "I was there but I'm not gna say anything about the story" I think Tupac punked Keith in front of redman😂 idk why I think that I'm just high as shit rn putting shit together lmao

  • i feel so fucking old my manz redman a OG now

  • 🙄 Unify! Lol

  • my boy prodigy just passed and Redman looking a lil sick.i can already tell that alot more rap legends are gonna pass this year

  • Facts

  • great interview keep the 2pac stories going

  • Redman albums>>>>>>>>>Tupac albums…..if u disagree then you dont know 90's rap very well

  • weren't tupac killers in methodman's music videos.

  • Redman is scared of the Tupac fans backlash. Nigga tell the truth. Keith Murray Punked Tupac. Keith Murray said back in the day. But now he ain't trying to say it cuz of the fans.

  • my neighbor.❤ #BrickCity❤

  • one of the most underrated lyricist ever

  • So Murray bragged about the alleged altercation Pac before(in a WorldStar video), but later down played it on Vlad… But it seems Red recalls it was more to it and close to Murray's original story…

  • redman look like an angry antique

  • 2pac hologram interview coming soon Vlad?

  • redman was the first rapper 2pac shouted out on his song "representin 93'' suprised he doesnt remember that or whatever. rip pac

  • Red album got love out west from day 1 because of all the funk tracks he sample.

  • redmans verse on got my mind made up was a classic!

  • love red man

  • Actually Got my mind made up pac had weakest verse it goes Kurupt, Redman Method, Daz ,then pac Factz

  • why is the same interview being showed today still?

  • we need more Redman music

  • Absolutely not ( nod his head yea) lol 😂

  • Redman is always so high in these interviews that I am thinking he wont make it lol

  • :/

    Why the long face ass boy
    ( only the realist get that joke )

  • Vlad clickbaiting by dropping "flashback" from the title.

  • at the beginning.. they talking about "mind made up-2pac with Methodman." ??

  • not a lot of people know before Pac was shot in Vegas he wanted a unity album with death row, bad boy, wu tang, nas, mobb deep.. he didn't mention the Fugees though. the Crip that killed him he didn't do it because of the fight in Vegas he did it to kill Suge. Suges ex wife ordered the hit.