Redman on Being Around Keith Murray and 2Pac When Beef Almost Blew Up

Redman spoke exclusively to VladTV about his song “Got My Mind Made Up” appearing on 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me, which he admits wasn’t the original plan. Redman went on to explain that he and Method Man originally recorded the song with Daz Dillinger and Kurupt, but 2Pac demanded to have all of the “hot” material for his album and he took the Redman feature for himself. 

Moving along, Redman spoke about meeting 2Pac several times, including during his beef with Keith Murray, which Redman said almost blew up on one occasion. To hear more of what Redman had to say, hit the above clip.



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  1. The thing with Tupac was that the Panther blood flowed deep in his veins. So no matter how much he rapped, or acted or whatever… the Panther blood is what was his true guidance. That's why he was trying to unite niggas and create a movement… all political to fire back at a clearly corrupt system we live in to this day.

  2. Who want this 2pac Album I made out of some of his orginal unreleased songs he was making before he died? I'm telling y'all this shit dope as hell. Drop y'all emails & I'll send it to y'all.

  3. REDMAN is the The GOAT..East Coast West Coast..enough said!!!!! I'm from the east coast taking taking Rass-Kass over NAS….just because….Craig Mack ERA WhAT!!!..Check out GAVLYN…WE ON..Stop the Beef…OPEN Up YOUR MIND ..Vegetarian Girl on that Golden Child!!

  4. hes saying did u know tupac before that ?? what is redman talking about they have pictures together at the jack the rapper convention , that was 93 94 ?? so how is he saying he never met him before 95 96' , niggas stay lying on pac bc he cant speak for himself

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