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  1. Gio, I once read somewhere that going back to an old relationship in hopes of a change is like reading an old book and expecting a different ending. It's tough, but it gets better and everything that you've learned and she's learned can empower you both to write your own stories…and who knows, she may make an appearance in your next story. Stay positive and choose happiness. 😁

  2. Melyssa … so you won’t cut a man off if he cheated on you even if he gave you a $500,000 ring …? You always preaching about this but since it’s Cardi B we kissing ass . Ok 😂 I love this show

  3. cheating is wrong period, and I love Jason 3 things: DON'T LIE, DON'T CHEAT, DON'T STEAL FROM ME; Gio was right. GIO you should have left her first, right after she caught you masturbating.

  4. No GIO there is no going back, the side chick is with this WOMAN'S BROTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR; NEGROE -PLEASE. GTFU! Melyssa he just put it in the UNIVERSE and he just put the nail in the coffin; there is closure. THE END. BOI BYE, move the hell on; let her look at this show. PERIOD OVER AND OUT OF THIS closed relationship.

  5. Gio you are broking my heart man. I don't know anything about you or your relationship but i wish a man could and would love me like you do and did, even if you might have loved her the "wrong way" sometimes (in her opinion) it's still deep unconditional pure love that is so rare that it brings me to tears every time you speak about it. you always spoke so highly of her and praised her anytime you got the chance on national radio. Sometimes people don't know how to receive such amazing priceless treasure that is endless love, and i pray that you meet the queen that will receive understand and honour what you have to give and more importantly, know how to reciprocate. I'm just a 30 years old from north Africa with bad English, but very good intentions, may Almighty God send on your path the same light you irradiate. Much love, i hope you find some Peace in all of this.

  6. Aww Gio 💔… When she moves on she's gonna have to change her ways and communicate in order to make her next relationship work. Meanwhile, I hope Gio moves on and find out the woman's true intentions before getting in a relationship with her 💯

  7. Thank you Jason for pointing out a major issue with black people we need to always question those who hop in front of the camera claiming to represent us enough of people using their friends or associates to position themselves in a better place financially while we stay broke… NO ONE should be above questioning

  8. If you self esteem isn't worth more than shiny rock, you got issues. Try to resell that ring, I bet you it wouldn't be worth $500,000 then. It's a shiny rock, also what investment…5 months?

  9. There is no reason to cheat on someone. If someone is making you unhappy, or leaving you unfulfilled, and you have communicated with this person about it, and they still aren't trying to help, then you leave. Cheating on someone ultimately damages you more, because you made the choice to diminish yourself because of someone else. The person that cheats damages their character and credibility, when all you have to do is break up with them, especially If no one is forcing you to be together.

  10. Back when all those "rappers " got together and did "Self Destruction "…………..look how many people have died due to GUN violence since, Jason is correct when he spoke of the Nancy Reagan campaign for "Just Say No" ,it don't mean shit without action(s) to back up the words. And also when he spoke on people getting rape/touched….THAT'S THE SAME SAD SHIT THAT MR.SANDUSKIE WAS DOING!!! ……..people knew what the FUCK (there goes my Melyssa moment) WAS GOING ON…but they kept it to themselves and look what happened. That university spun it so good…'s like nothing ever happened.

  11. And honestly, I couldn’t tell the Migos apart until Cardi and Karruche started dating them. I, at one point, thought it was just one person. Lol I still don’t know the third person’s name.

  12. Hell yeah…cut him off! That ring is a material thing. Ninja could bring you an STD you can't get rid of but you stay because of a piece of material. No disease is worth that much money.

  13. Yes Jason, we live in a racist world and you're up front and center in that world. Who gives a f if he just so happened to move on to a woman of another race. It's people like you who keep this $hit going for making comments like that. What are you doing to bring up conversation and awareness????! BEING RACIST! That's how. Stfu Jason. People are people no matter the race. Leave out the color, it doesn't matter!!!

  14. you hurt my  feeling geo I thought you wasn't a cheater and a loyal cap>> you just like these other nigga a soft ass bitch and cant keep your dick in your dickies smh stop talking about jen she don't care about you after what you did duh dickhead  you should feel like shit and she don't want no aint shit ass nigga fuck u and I use to feel bad when  Jason and Mel made fun of you but now I don't you should be fired and you do look like an old ass bitch you aint no 32 more like 52 bum ass bum I cant believe how fake and fraud you are… fucking lame

  15. Dayyum Gio! You are a good man now you will be viewed as a cheater. All your positive things within that relationship will be forgotten.You should have just left her. Now you are going to be more damaged within because you messed it up. OMG! You did it at your house you shared with her. Ninja, you got money…you should have taken that hoewrecker to a hotel. Well…as a female, to see how you were in your relationship and to hear how you talk about it…your credibility is still good with me. Just don't ever be weak again.

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