Ray Lewis, Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe on Odell’s Tom Brady Instagram post | UNDISPUTED

Ray Lewis joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe in studio to talk about Odell Beckham Jr. posting an Instagram video spotlighting Tom Brady’s game day behavior

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe,
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Ray Lewis, Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe on Odell’s Tom Brady Instagram post | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED



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  1. Odell has literally done so many antics that has distracted his team. He’s an immature idiot. He’s done this many times so why should he get the benefit of the doubt. That’s what skip is saying. Like the boy who kept crying wolf, eventually everyone is going to ignore you. Instead of complaining about someone else, you should figure out in how to grow as a person and better yourself. Tom Brady is human like everyone else. What you accomplished, should give you a right to disrespect someone. If you’re wrong, you’re wrong, own it and move on. I understand Shannon’s view but the huge difference between the two is: he has continuously done stupid antics for attention and has always been a me player. Instead of comparing black and white, look at the bigger picture, one rarely gets upset and the other always gets upset. No offense but many greats have done it, lebron especially. But I’ve never once heard you say it’s disrespectful. Shannon you can pick and choose when to bring race card. It just makes us look weak

  2. I think they’re addressing two entirely different points. Skip is alluding to the validity of Tom’s outburst, while Sharpe and Ray are talking about the way in which he confronted the OC. They both have valid points. Skip is saying that because Tom is the GOAT and has 5 Super Bowls and plenty of other accomplishments he knows better than the OC and therefore is probably right about whatever they were arguing about (which is probably true). Shannon and Ray are saying that regardless of who’s right and who’s wrong and who’s got however many accomplishments, you don’t show up your OC (or any other coach for that matter) in the middle of the game, and much less in that fashion.

  3. So we reached the point where Shannon is laughing at Skip for his arguments? It's sad to see that Shannon got more comfortable at this table and has improved in some segments and that Skip seems to be afraid to loose his – in his mind or shall I say "heart of hearts" – rightful place at the top of this show. Can we mix it up at FS1 and have a new show hosted by Joy and Jenna having Shannon and CC at the table to discuss sports – bringing in Mark Schlereth for NFL related topics and maybe add Chris Broussard for NBA related topics? Both Skip and Nick Wright become more and more unwatchable… somebody should tell them, that they are just parts of these shows – not The Show!

  4. The fact that he has nearly as many outburst of emotion in what a sixth of the time, not to mention that brady isn't angry because no one wanted to throw him the ball he's angry that he missed and is thus mad at himself.

  5. Skip your full of s***. You see terrell Owens emotional and you instantly perceived that into being bad because he's the big strong black guy.

    Tom shows emotion and you accept it. But occurs (im not & youre not racist) america has been brainwash into believing any black "MAN" who shows emotion is scary. It's just the natural coward in alot of white men. With out a gun or years training it's a fact that white men lacks god given natural ability.

    Terrell owens goal and Toms goal just like black and white has always been the same thing…..win a Superbowl, treated equally, nothing more nore less but occurs the benefit of doubt has traditionally benefited those of lighter skin tones. The fact that you and others are willing to keep him from the hall of fame with his numbers is ridiculous.

  6. New Orleans

    White folk were out looking for supplies to survive during Katrina
    Black folk were out stealing and pillaging during Katrina

    w/e lens you choose to look at the same situation through.

  7. Rodgers >Brady…..facts….put Rodgers with BB and their system he is 7/7 in the bowl…..say what you want, I'm taking Rodgers….And I'm a cowboys fan from Dallas Texas….but Rodgers a bad man

  8. 5 rings and greatest player ever. The other has been better known for his hair than his playoff appearances. Brady has the cashe to do it. Brady earned it odell is still trying to

  9. The difference is one person is a 5 time super bowl champion who takes a huge pay cut for his team. The other one is a diva wide receiver who's won absolutely nothing, who only cares about himself and thinks that he should be the highest paid player in the league 😂😂 Odell is an idiot .

  10. Nope sorry Brady is the GOAT and cares about winning Super Bowls not his brand. That's why Brady gets a pass, yes OBJ is targeted but he has a poor track record. I'm not a fan of either of the teams that these guys play on.

  11. If Odell is a top-tier receiver for the same amount of time as Tom Brady has been a top-tier quarterback he would be granted the same permissions and considerations as Tom. The system isn't unfair- anyone can be treated specially if they put in years at a level of greatness. Beckham can throw all the tantrums he wants after he's been in the league at least 10 years playing at a high level and people will still respect him the way they did Jerry Rice.

  12. When John McEnroe releases anger, he creates a rush of natural chemicals in his body that allows his brain to function to the level he needs to win…other sportsmen releases anger because they are frustrated…whatever a person needs to function;let them be!

  13. Skip, hold this L why do they let non-athletes try and speak about a sport when they don't have substantial time within the sport? I agree with Shannon all the way on this one. Shannon was laughing at skip bc he knows skip doesn't have the same experience sitting in a locker room as he does. It doesn't matter what reputation or character someone has. If they are wrong in a specific situation, then they are wrong period.

    And lemme ask you skip? Has Dez Bryant's sideline and locker room fiascos helped his team out one bit? Nope but you'll be the first to defend it, because he plays for "your cowboys". Skip from now on I'm calling you Skipocrite Bayless!

  14. when brady does something wrong its blown out of proportion, when others do it, it's not a huge issue. the media needs to be more accountable with how they present things because they're just rocking the boat back and forth.

  15. 1.) Norman
    2.) Dog Pissing
    3.) Boat Trip
    4.) Net Fight

    I don't dislike OBJ. He's great, maybe one day he'll be one of the greatest. . . but his outbursts, lack of discipline, and naivety is something that TFB has never shown. They both have outbursts, but one is far more of a child than the other, in more ways that one.

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