Ransom Talks About Reason He Went to Prison + Ending Beef with Joe Budden



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  1. & Ran is probably most knowledgable rapper about boxing, his timeline always got some good info on the sport. Made me even more of a fan. I'd like to see Ransom & Amir Mansour fight if he'd ever step in ring

  2. The chemistry btwn Ran and Hitch is timeless. Bars is complimentary to one another. Need to get back and do music together. Clue dropped the ball with Desert Storm only Fab & u can say Joe had major success, Stack and Ateam was up next. LA Reid wanted to switch up their image deal didn’t go through at Def Jam s/o to Orlando aka Whartonberg and Scott Da Animal

  3. My guy ran did an interview!!! Would love for him to go up to Sway in the morning for a lyrical breakdown and talk about the inspiration and production behind the last 3 projects all classics. He out rapping all of these so called top lyricist right now. Looking forward to the next project

  4. There 2 idiots don't know how to execute an interview. They basically we're asking questions and giving their answers as well. Like they attempted to dictate the entire interview. They are silly niggers that dress funny and are probably gay. RANSOM IS AND ALWAYS BE WILL TOO 5 DEAD OR ALIVE. SALUTE TO A-TEAM, HITCHCOCK. RANSOM NEEDS TO GET MORE PROMO AND GET IT POPPIN. I REMEMBER I SAW HIM.ON 34 ST 2 WEEKS AGO WIT HIS GIRL AND HE WAS SOLID.

  5. First time I heard him was on a DVD I bought….put it in my whip and kept playing over and over..
    He was impressive… Lil Wayne ….and a few others were on DVD but ransom stood out

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