Quincy Jones Says Michael Jackson Was ‘Greedy’ And Stole Other People’s Music

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  1. Loved this interview, spillin the tea. Not shocked about Pryor going both ways but him and Brando? Brando slept with the hottest women and yet hooked up with ugly men? Those drugs must have been really strong.

  2. Quincy needs to keep Michaels name out his mouth. Michael was not worried about no 10% credit He also bought little Richards publishing and gave it to him and did the same for Sly Stone. He paid for David Ruffins funeral when he died in the 80s. Who knows that? Yes Michael was a shrewd business man and they got fooled by the soft voice but to talk shit about this man after he's dead and can't defend himself you ain't shit for that quincy

  3. Quincy Jones in brain dead. He needs to raise is own drug addict kids!!! Quincy is legendary for robbing artist from their royalties!!! He squandered most of his money on white woman because he hated his mentally retarded mother!!!

  4. Don't often get to see a conversation like this. A young artist gets to share his experience with the best in his field. It was also a pleasure to see him listen and get some understanding of the life and times of Quincy from the man himself.

  5. What does the Beatles have to do with the migos if you know the Beatles come up you know they covered Isley brothers songs to get Big but wtf migos gotta do with all this. Man I can’t wait till real music come back.

  6. He is just an old azz fart that love white women. I would not take anything he says seriously. He is at an age where he is developing dementia and as far as Richard Pryor's wife. She needs money and full of it. And let's say for one moment this was true why are the both of them disrespecting dead people that can't speak for themselves. Quincy Jones has no integrity nor does Jennifer Pryor. And obviously they don't give a fuk about anybody's kids. I would come after them if I was Richard Pryor, Marlon Brando and Marvin Gaye's kids. That is a horrible thing to say and he talked bad about the Michael Jackson and the Beatles. He sounds like a mad crazy old fart.

  7. Damn, even if it was true (which I don’t think it is), he would’ve have been his partner in crime, so therefore he would be a snitch. He can only say that now since he’s dead. Why can’t he just let Mikes legacy alone. Damn! Crab ass n!ggas i tell you…it’s always one.

  8. I would not doubt it..Michael Jackson was not as innocent as he pretended and all he had skin disease was pure bullshit to change his skin color white..

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