Quilly from Philly comes through Flex with 12 mins of straight FIRE!

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  • Finallllllllllllllly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better than meek. No hate just a judgement

  • Quilly gotta leave this hating ass Philly Rap scene smh & people wonder why Uzi don't claim Philly

  • bad boyfriend great baby father

  • Old SuperWack bars…

  • bars

  • quilly been ass since him and Joey was beefing with meek back in the day

  • is it me but flex only talks when people are 🔥 so with that been said HE'S not all the Grate !!

  • i been waiting for someone to come up and tear shit up thank you for that..
    iy2had been a while is the first time i hear of quilly. but ima peep him out.
    keep it up quilly we listsning waiting for good shit.

  • I trapped inside of delis, aint selling no cold cuts
    that work crispy creme we whipping up donuts
    a n*gga said he f*cked my bitch… so what
    I make your bitch trick, trap, and hold nuts
    Rap turned to wrestling these n*ggas is Golddust…

  • F.I.R.E!!!!!!

  • not bad but wish he buss something off the dome

  • I do not like this beat idk why mane but this nigga snapped tho

  • Bout time Philly up in there s/o quill

  • Why isn't he signed yet man damn….. I hear of everyone of mixtapes and songs maybe because I'm from philly idk man

  • street rhymes …. they all the same…

  • I read the comments before I watched the video. I was hoping he would do the right thing.. Flex is a Big Deal. Recycled bars? Mad niggas did that tho. Dave East did it mad times Kur did it but I guess it's better than niggas who can't rap and say "Yeah" after ever bar. Quilly is on the rise and I would love to see him on top.

  • right

  • This is the reason I don't listen to rap anymore straight garbage annoying

  • Flex retire this fucking beat please you're killing me now

  • This nigga fuckin bodied this shit

  • Damn thats a pure hip hop flow 🔥

  • Cuz went off

  • ✅🔥🔥🔥🔥#Rap