“Questions” [Season 1 Bonus Episode] feat. OG Maco, Father and Reese

Revisit Season 1 of WSHH’s “Questions”, where we ask simple questions about things you think you would know, but once you’re put under pressure, you all of a sudden blow it! This recap also features Father, OG Maco and Reese asking a few of the favorite questions from Season 1 to new contestants.

Watch all five episodes of Questions (Season 1) here:

Season 2 coming soon!

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  2. There's an answer you pinged wrong – when you asked a girl the 13 puppies all but 8 died how many are left – she said all of them besides 8.
    That's actually wrong, all but 8 DIED, how will all of them but 8 LIVE?
    how are you laughing at them being stupid when you make these mistakes

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