Queens School Rejects Student’s Request To Add His Name Malcolm X On Senior Sweater

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  1. His legal names not fucking Malcolm X…? Is this really news now? Race baiters are getting desperate af now hahaha smh foh you can order it even after high school with anything you want on it. Quit crying

  2. White folks can't even hide racism they are constantly being exposed and I love it. We know for a fact it's because of of envy, the same envy they had for Jesus because he's black. 👌🏽

  3. No "Nicknames" well technically its his name with abbreviation but ok… The sweatshirt is not going to hold this young black man back.. Catholic schools are closing in record numbers anyway.. P.S some of yall niggas is straight coons suck ya boss dick for overtime..

  4. Is it just me…or I'm thinking MAYBE HE DIDN'T WANT A SUPER LONG NAME ON HIS SHIRT!! Besides off campus it's nobody's business what your last name is if you want to initial it. I thought using an initial of your last name was ok as long as it's your legal name at schools…..Just like in Pre-K, kids write their 1st name full out and their last name initial until they learn how to write out the whole last name…When you go to restaurants, etc. You're lucky to see someone with an initial on a name tag…let the kid live.

  5. "What he spoke about was controversial, not him". Ok, so wtf do controversial people speak about? Non controversial issues? 😂 GOD, his logic in anything that has to do with race is greatly flawed hahaha cognitive dissonance is strong with this liberal talking head.

  6. 1. His name is Malcolm Xavier Combs, so Malcolm X. would be a nickname (and a stretch at that). The form clearly said no nicknames.
    2. If black folks don't want to deal with stupid issues like this, we need to open and fund our own schools with our own teachers who teach our own kids about our own history (in addition to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). We need to stop sending our kids (especially our young boys) to be emasculated by these white devils.

  7. Lol, the excuse "you don't want to be associated with that name."
    Like he's gonna get denied college admission because of a senior sweater in high school or won't get that promotion because he abbreviated his last name on a jacket 20 years ago.

  8. No you’re wrong Charlemagne about why Malcolm X was controversial. X was for Violence and believed that if you kill one of us, we will kill one of you. that’s why he is so controversial. I follow the preaching of MLK, which a lot of you hypocrites claim you follow but do the opposite.

  9. People are missing the point. It's not a nickname if its your name. Legally, you CAN use your first and middle name, or middle and last name as a legal handle. The main issue Malcolm Xavier had was how the teachers were mocking Malcolm Little (X).

  10. But his name is Malcolm Combs. Xavier is his middle name. So this entire post is a reach. I am all for calling out racism but in this particular case it was definitely a reach. First name: Malcolm; last name: Combs

  11. Coonery first off white people have an violent history so what’s wrong with him having his name on first off Malcom x was about self defense against whites who were racist so what’s wrong with ? 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. recently in the state of Iowa the high school football team there where allowed to wear racist slurs, such as coon, knee grow in reference to the word( n*,****) and several different others, now this young man isn't able to use his birth name which shows that the school is bias and being totally discriminatory towards the only the use of the name Malcolm X but the black history month and the young man himself!# lawsuit

  13. Ey Mr. Black Supremacy book writer guy. NBA Champion Lamar Odom I would think someone like you highlight are strengths instead our weakness to make a wack joke. The crackhead was Lamar Kardashian.

  14. Yo I love Malcolm X, but in this case it says First and Last name. Now whats wrong is who the teachers talked to him. They should have said First and last name only.

  15. Maybe if black people would have listened to Malcolm X instead of Martin Luther king Jr in the south it probably would have been a better place to live in. Slave religion has held us back since they brought my ancestors over here. They got schools named after General Lee and he killed more Americans than Hitler. Kill one of us kill 10 of them.

  16. Im all for calling out racial injustices and predjudice acts but come on people.
    The paper said FIRST or LAST name. It said nothing about Middle name or middle initial. The boy's name is Malcolm Xavier Combs. Either put Malcolm or put Combs. Follow instructions and stop reaching.

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