QC Tha Label says Lil Yachty made $13 Mil in 16 months in response to convo about if He’s a ‘STAR’.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on QC Tha Label saying Lil Yachty made $13 Mil in 16 months in response to convo about if He’s a ‘STAR’.
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  • don't compare niggas to Uzi

  • He know he wanted to say Drake name first

  • He made13 mil for the label and only received a couple lol

  • Id say he's a star. Being a star doesn't equate to excellence. That being said, theres no reason to compare joe and yachty. Album sales don't define the quality of a rapper. Stars come and go

  • Homie Akademiks is talking like he running shit over there at complex. You just said that a superstar is someone who transcends music. and you just said this nigga future is a Superstar. what does he do? he has good beats and is thee mumblest of mumble rappers out. i cant cee him doing anything outside of music, he hasn't. bring up Ice cube, snoop, 50, those guys have trancending hiphop in the Big way, Snoop is arguably thee most known celebrity in the world. you see in movies, on weed cereal, has his own strands, on tours, his own shows, dude has an interview/ cooking show with martha Stewart. yet Futures name is always in your mouth when speaking on superstars.

  • People watched because it was Budden and yachty

  • all these lil nigga's out here wearin these tight jeans cuz these dick-n-booty ass coons. You nigga's betta stay woke. They finessin ya'll

  • "I look at Drake" – Dj Akademiks

  • had to list drake

  • 1 million subs💎💎

  • Every nigga a star except Denzel Curry


  • nigga foh u calling everybody star now! drake is star, kendrick is star. Jay z and kanye are mega stars. Lil yachty is jst good young artist a rookie

  • Akademiks channel is shit ever since early 16 when all these shit rappers came to the front. Last decent time was 15 with thug and quan

  • 16 mil doing what?

  • people hatein lil boat is a start album copies don't matter anymore he can sell out a world tour…why is Joe Budden allowed to talk

  • This nigga a shooting star.

  • Joe Budden be hating hard

  • What happened to Fetty wap? What happened to Trinidad James? Lol I give him 6 more months before he fades.

  • if 1 single on the album goes platinum it doesn't matter

  • lmao. chance is not up there with kendrick. skillwise maybe, but hes not that big of a star.

  • That qc the label guy sounds like a raging 12 year old. anytime I hear someone call someone else a hater, I'm done listening to that particular individual. Money is not all that matters to me, and lil yachty sucks.

  • Youre mum is a PORNstar

  • A hot single makes you a star now?????? Gone are the days when you had to have at least a couple of hot albums to be a star. These niggas aint stars. Their maggots feeding on the dead carcass of hip hop.

  • yachty is a little child atm. he shouldn't fucking respond on all of this shit.

  • ya he's a star BLACK FAGGOT, that flopped 💯😁😁😁he's already yesterday's news

  • cavs blew a 1-3 lead

  • Jay Z mega star

  • how much of that $$$$ did he see tho??? 13ms in 16 months dont mean they paid him wht he was due #ijs that part is missed or purposely left out… 💰💵💰 #cutacheck

  • Yachty is a star 🤷🏾‍♂️ if you got a sprite commercial and a target commercial you're a star in my book , yall just dont think he's a star cause yall think his music trash but you gotta look beyond that, getting invited to the grammys red carpet but he's not a star? Anyone whi considers uzi a star should consider yachty one too. Uzi not at the grammies nor has any commercials. It's an opinion on whos music you think is better 🤷🏾‍♂️ but to say uzi a star and not yachty is just stupid .

  • He had a target commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and a sprite commercial

  • Nigga akademiks in house doin nun lmao nigga do sum wit yah life wack ass nigga

  • @3:45 LOOK at OG Retro .. Follow Em On TWITTER || @iAmOGRetro1M


  • 13 million dollars that he didn't pocket personally lmao the migos don't have that kind of money! sum 1 check these lieing ass label's

  • I give him credit for building his star status and he makes a lot of money I think he could make a movie the his star status would grow even stronger

  • Bullshit akadmiks you know damn well you not broke

  • Ain't none of these niggas better than the GOAT icejjfish😤

  • Lil yachty runs like an angry ostrich

  • these young rappers only survive because it's more youth in the world than adults,and that's who is their supporting fan base are.

  • And their starz by popularity but not superstars by their albums and credibility..they are not ghost writing platinum hits or making beats..they are just basic stars by their younger fanbase..

  • I fw yachty but he not on Lil Uzi level

  • Yachty is great

  • playboi carti do that dude speak English u new niccas lesson to anything

  • Joe is really trying to gain clout or some kind of attention off of yachty like just because you couldn't do what he doing when you was his age that doesn't mean you have to keep throwing shots didn't joe learn from the first time when he tried to come for yatchy yatchy seems like a loving person who prolly laughs most of the time like at least yatchy threw out facts and not shade joe sorry you didn't make half as much as he make when you were rapping and when you were on love and hip hop like come on now yatchy can buy joe whole life but who would want to him seems depressed half the time

  • wait??!! lil boat made 13 million n 16 months???!! n im over here struggling to even get a 400$ check tf????!!!!! man!!!!!! why!!! i swear ima get Me a catchy beat n sum fucking auto tune bruh!!