President Trump joint statement with South Korean president (Full Remarks)

The president and his South Korean counterpart deliver remarks at the White House.

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  • Any kpop fans watching?

  • ABC News: Badly edited video! The actual joint statement starts at about the 27 minute mark leaving you with over 26 minutes of practically nothing except for people standing around.

  • I am a liberal and I am gonna list what I expected years ago from a conservative president.

    1) tax cuts. mostly income tax because of some illusion of everyone getting paid what they deserve from wise all knowing explorers rather than an endless series of ripped off customers.
    2) Hatred for drugs because a belief that all humans are a hair away from violence and madness (except when they are drunk or clinically mentally ill for some reason.
    3) Guns are great and please ignore the reason we hate drugs of seeing humans as monkeys that can snap at any moment.
    4) More Christmas than the 12 days of Christmas, the advent calendar, Macy's, coca cola and Easter can provide.

  • I really don't care!!!

  • boo trump

  • pig in a suit.

  • Cool

  • I wonder if the people who down voted this video actually watched the video.

  • Based on what he has been saying and acting, Moon is anti-U.S guy…but he changed his words dramatically right before visiting to the states. He think he can pool U.S?

  • What is a Tresident Prump?

  • Jesus Christ, just leave that country alone​. They won't mess with us if we don't mess with them. I want my kids to live long and prosperous lives, I don't want to see a world war in my lifetime!

  • f*** trump

  • Where does he get his spray tan?

  • moon is a fake president!

  • Why does he have to read from memos that other people have written for him? Why can't he genuinely speak from the heart like most President leaders do? What a fake President!

  • Long live North Korea. 1 of only 2 countries to defeat the american empire

  • Great job improving orange-yellow relations

  • So what exactly the fuck do you want from North Korea? They havent invaided a single country since their creation. that makes them one of the most peaceful countries in the world

  • I worried I'd say this and prayed I never would but…Trump's fuckin up! 😧

  • Drumpf is going to put us onto WW3! ASS!!!!!!!!

  • FUCK trump. Impeach!

  • っklp