President Donald Trump full remarks at ‘Unleashing American Energy’ event

The president gives remarks at a U.S. Department of Energy event in Washington D.C.

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  • Trump

  • lies and more lies

  • nein nein

  • Our in Enviroment Is Doomed!

  • Trump keeps winning and fake news ABC keeps lying… CNN down, abc to go… fuck you assholes at fake abc news

  • I wouldn't be ABLE to stop punching his face in.

  • fuck MS 13!

  • He is an ass.

  • 😂😂😂💀

  • Can anybody answer me why presidents of the US wont sent their own kids off to war but be quick to send ours or draft them front of line ?

  • donald trump should send eric trump to fight in the middle east last time i checked he liked hunting animals so why not send him to hunt some taliban.

  • "Pro energy leadership of Donald Trump" is it me or did the VP's face look like it was painful to say that sentence😂😂🤣🤣😂

  • no not 8 years. You may not make the 4


  • The war on Coal…

  • Lol we are seeing fake right now !!!!! what a dumbass !!!!

  • Whoever is controlling this man really couldn't stand that we had a black president and they are acting at record pace to repeal everything Obama did !!! We are just going back in time 8 years or longer instead of going further !!!! If that not bad enough we have to listen to him lie every day !!!!n

  • And this for me just paints a crystal clear picture of who owns this puppet. I am slowly starting to lose hope for this world, controlled by a select few who disguise their agenda in a cloak of patriotism. "For the people" "making jobs" and you know what? These day dreaming americans who are yet to wake up to there ways, are falling for it.

  • The real leader won't collude with any foreign regime to get elected and use coverups to stay in power. Trumpcare is rotten at the core, so many young, elder innocent people living and enjoying their lives will be murdered by evil monster plan in life. We wouldn’t go as far as calling the perpetrator Trump "cold blood" or “liar” because he would probably think that’s a great name. We will call Trump from now on "a monster", because that’s what he is. And we’ll say no to that. A country with less than 40% legitimate voters go to the polls and less than 30% adults vote, 70% reject the WASP system is a fake proxy democracy. People with consciousness will ask the real questions – Are we living in a country controlled by oil driven war military complex or in an illusion of false statehood DSA Divided States of America.

  • We have enough oil off California to meet our needs for 100 years.

  • ABC is fake news


  • I am all for the efficiant full use of our energy resources. Yet Coal and Oil is a temporary way. We must lead in finding alternative energy resources. Safe and plentiful sources to replace the fossil fuels we are using now but will vanish in time. Nuclear Energy is not an option considering the huge amounts of unstable waste byproduct. We still have to take care of our world and be better stewards of the land. I am not talking about the global warming BS but stop fucking up the world for sake of profit. Clean up our mess after ourselves.

  • Pioneers and visionaries? He still talks about coal and nuclear energy, right? He already made a great sugar deal with Mexico, because sugar is exactly what our fat children need. What's next? Are we going to make the horse carriers great again? The landline-industry? The moustache movement. He is such a loser…

  • Where's Rod Serling? This should be a Twilight Zone episode…

  • we don't need coal anymore and you sound dumb ass fuck pence and trump

  • I don't know how he's remained as tolerant as he has. The media dumps on him and trashes him incessantly. He's a better man than me, I'd be unleashing Hell on all of them! They're butt hurt over his remarks about THEIR constant attacks? I'd destroy them!
    I hate ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. for ruining TV! Along with dumbasses from Hollywood with NO good sense. I find it hard to believe so many so called Americans are stupid enough to believe the corrupted democratic politicians and foolishly speak out without investigating the possibility that the other half of the nation just might have a point! No, he does NOT 'charm the public with speech' while delivering poison, He's blunt and to the point, and that should be a welcome change to all of the lies we were fed by Obama and Hillary. There are so many things being revealed about so many crooked politicians right NOW it's overwhelming! But most of you haven't got a clue about them! Because you won't honestly look!

  • fuck Donald Trump

  • Coal is not economically feasible versus natural gas. There are many people aware of this fact and if Trump and Pense have not been learned this yet they are just liars.

  • this! this is MORE evidence of why the electoral college has failed our Democracy

  • What a fuckin' clown.