Plus-size model speaks out after confronting body-shamer on a flight

Natalie Hage recorded herself confronting a man she says body-shamed her because of her weight and the video went viral.


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  • HOW IS THIS NEWS?! Ridiculous.
    She invaded someone's privacy. Not only did she read his text messages, she took pictures and posted them.
    She's not a victim.

  • Being obese is both physically repulsive and grotesquely unhealthy. If it hurts your feelings to hear people criticize your weight then lose it.

  • This is so fucking staged it's hilarious

  • Fat people should be shamed at any oppurtunity given. How dare these landwhales invade my plane seat with their belly fat. Why do i have to suffer because they cant stop eating? What kind of bullshit social environment allows smug people like natalie hage to emerge? This stupid fat attention whore should aim for a real proffesion, like a counterweight in an elevator

  • yea have it be a girl with her fat guy boyfriend, and no one would defend him.

  • Thankfully the man body shamed her. That's how it's supposed to be.

  • this guy a savage

  • Jesus Christ these comments are pure cancer. Assholes

  • Notice how she flew by herself and appears to live by herself

  • The man next to her wasn't cyber bullying her, but instead having a private conversation with a friend. He didn't say a word to Fatalie McPork here, who chose to eavesdrop then go to the press with this unimportant nonsense. All it shows is what an insecure, self righteous clown Fatalie actually is. But, hey, it lets her play the martyr and get free publicity, so why not?

    So, yeah, I DO hate sitting next to morbidly obese people on airplane flights. I hate getting squeezed up against the window, having their body parts invading what should be my private space and sometimes smelling their sweaty malodorous funk wafting at me. They should be charged for two or three seats.

  • Then lose weight you fucking bus.

  • Where are the short people with their "no short shaming" campaign and a bunch of emotional snowflakes to back them……… That movement would get laughed out of the building SO fast, as should this one. This is f'ing ridiculous!!

  • Women like this make me furious. Her words verbatim on her instagram "I see him furiously texting and then purposefully turning the phone away from me"…a very different picture painted by her in the interview in which she said "…and without having to look hard at all, I see these texts…" She also tried to give some noble reason for why she didn't film this guy's face, while on her Facebook post, she very plainly said she didn't film his face because she didn't "want him to get her on filming him without his consent". I'm laughing at the fact that she didn't want to make it about his looks, but was just fine with making it about his race and age on one of her earlier posts, when complaining about the "old, white dude" huffing and puffing next to her. Sorry, I see right through her bad behavior, cognitive dissonance and lies.

  • I think this plays on nothing but feelings. I don't think the gentleman on the plane did anything wrong. He has his thoughts and he is allowed to text message them to anyone without being chided by anyone to whom they don't concern. After all, it's a PRIVATE conversation. The young woman was not attacked by anyone. She simply "felt" that the guy was frustrated and decided to look at his private messages. She accosted him for wrong-think and the media forgets that. He should be the one complaining. I have nothing against the woman but in this case, I believe she was in the wrong and she used her influence irresponsibly.

  • Fucking whore wasn't shamed he texted his friend.

  • SHE IS A MODEL "WANNABE." She was spilling over and reading his PRIVATE TEXTS. Stop putting her out there.

  • don't worry everybody its ok, she went home and ate her feelings.

  • So the Media with all the real hardcore news going on in the world must white knight a fat woman on a flight who thought the man sitting next to her was fat shaming her in his text messages?

  • You just made yoursf look like an idiot you fat cow how dare you read his private texts

  • Body shaming is "YOU are so this or that, you should do something about that." It is directed at somebody. Like if somebody had BO and you said, "you stink" to them. Or perhaps you got out your Axe deodorant and sprayed their air around you. If you texted "omg, the person next to me stinks" it would just be a perhaps crude observation you shared with your mate.

  • K D

    Bitch had no right going through ANYONE'S personal messages. He did nothing wrong
    He was uncomfortable, understandably. The woman is beautiful and should really work on her self confidence instead of taking pictures of someone's cell phone. What if they we're typing their address or some shit. She's lucky she wasn't in my state. That shit don't fly it's called…ILLEGAL