PlayStation Now subscription | 600+ PS4 and PS3 Games

PlayStation Now is the subscription service that lets you stream hundreds of games to your PS4 and PC. With a single subscription, you can play hundreds of games, including PlayStation exclusives, greatest hits, acclaimed masterpieces and games for the whole family.

Free 7-day trial available.



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  1. Would prefer backwards compatibility for games like BF3, Red Dead R and others but this? Come on Sony, you've kept external assists away from modders in Skyrim and Fallout 4 as well making me really jealous of Xbox One players in that alone. I cri evrytime

  2. Such a rip off! You could buy a load of PS3 games on eBay for that, and you actually own them. You’re a total mug if you pay for this. $240 a year lol! 😆

  3. Sony that is way too expensive, $20 a month? No way. That adds up to $240 a year and that’s just greedy and ridiculous. The service is garbage and it isn’t even available in all countries like Xbox game pass is, we don’t want digital backwards compatibility games, we want physical backwards compatibility. You say that no one wants to play old games, a very large majority actually do. Think of a cheaper and better version of PS plus and you’ll start getting heaps of subscribers.

  4. Don't get PlayStation now
    All games only stream at 720p even the PS4 games they add
    Got it to play rdr and it's and utter shambles of a picture
    40mbps internet so not the connection
    1440p monitor – even changed the setting down to 720p to try and get the screen to not be fuzzy but no luck
    Waste of £13 especially since that PSN plus has went up too
    Joke tbh

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