Playboi Carti, xxxtentacion, Ugly God, PNB Rock and more make the 2017 XXL Freshman list.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Playboi Carti, xxxtentacion, Ugly God, PNB Rock and more making the 2017 XXL Freshman list.
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  • My List would be:

    Ski Mask The Slump God
    Kodie Shane
    Famous Dex
    A Boogie
    Playboi Carti
    Lil' Pump

  • not no Montana no ma tee grizzly or Dexter fuck man ima go kill my self

  • bruh you only know Kyle from iSpy? Smyle was a great project and beautiful losers was ight

  • amine got a hit Kyle got a hit x has a hit and he's viral on social media so yeah PnB Rock has a hit ugly god is really funny so yeah but I don't really know who everyone else is. it they should have had 6lack kahald the one that sings location and big Sean

  • trippie Redd

  • Where is Joyner Lucas at though?

  • I've been listening to Kyle since he did that sing with G-eazy 3 years ago

  • NOPE Famous Dex and Ski Mask didn't make it, but Amine, Kamaiyah and Kap G made it. I'm fuckin' done with XXL.

  • really? wtf is this list. i get some but like cap g? he has some hitters but lil uzi vert has tour life which is way more a hitter than all of his. wtf is this shit

  • Jazz Cartier, Nav, Belly, Derek Wise, XXL sleeping on Toronto.

  • kyle got one good song😂 PnB rock even though I like his song he got one good Song amine got one good song

  • kap g the only credible rapper on here…AND he Mexican. look him up.

  • Who else thought Kyle and Lil Uzi were a liiiiiiiil toooo close LOL

  • You reviewed Kyle album dumbass

  • sahbabbi ain nothin but young thug the remix quit hypin him

  • Fuck all this. Kur is better than all of them

  • Kur

  • Xxx sucks

  • We need to go back to 2013 "rappers" today are pathetic

  • whyyy

  • Regarding Kyle, I found out about him off his hit iSpy and that put me on to his previous projects which I found amazing. And while iSpy went super viral it isn't like it's his only multimillion hit.

  • No mozzy

  • How tf is Tee Grizzley and young ma not on this list thooo?!

  • why the fuck are they on this?! wtf… get g perrico on this get bas , rus ,traffic ,rj… shit

  • All these niggas ONE HIT GARBAGE, except Tentacion..

  • The thing about KYLE that sucks is that he has other dope works like beautiful loser and people only fuck with ISPY!!! GET ON HIS OLD SHIT fruit snacks and cups of patron is flameeeee

  • don't sleep on super duper Kyle he produces his own joints too. look into him.

  • All this niggas people are fucking trash

  • Ski Mask, Youngboy