Phil Jackson’s Exit Hinges On Carmelo Anthony And Kristaps Porzingis | SportsCenter | ESPN

Ramona Shelburne provides insight into why the Knicks are going to part ways with Phil Jackson, putting Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis first.

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  • ozz

    Phil isnt the problem. to say he is is so dumb. the problem is there players playing like shit. That's it. Phil is a legend

  • The bottom line is as long Carmelo Anthony is there the knicks will always suck, Phil Jackson is not the problem

  • ozz

    Carmello isnt worth a Phil jackson

  • Phil Jackson pulled off the biggest heist in history. He robbed the knicks and he won't go to jail for it. He stuck them up for a shit load of bread and he comes out unscathed. Lol 😂

  • Of course you part ways with him a week after the draft smart move smh

  • I wonder what knicks fans will say now when they continue losing (ps. Phil Jackson isn't the problem Carmelo is)

  • FInally some good news from the Knicks camp! Too bad they spent money on Phil, and they still got Noah contract on their shoulders. Plus in the recent years they let players like Jr, Shumpert, Hardaway go. Guys are proving their worth elsewhere now.

    Really hope they will get some solid players and have a watchable team on the court. Go Ny, Go Ny, Go!

  • In parallel universe unicorns trades you!

  • Now we're stuck with fucking frank however you spell his fucking name

  • long overdue

  • The greatest day in Knicks history lol

  • And Carmelo will go on to be a bust regardless.

  • I almost cried when I saw the news!

  • hes is the only person in the Knicks organization with rings as a Knicks player. he can show them how to win

  • Why not before the fucking draft😑

  • I CANNOT wait for Stephen a Smith to react to this. He's probably memorizing a thesaurus as we speak

  • they should put a banner on the top Phil Jackson leaving knicks

  • When trying to get fired goes RIGHT.

    Keep getting dem checks Phil.😂


  • what took Lames NoLan so damn long smh


  • carmelo sucks though

  • PJax is retard

  • why won't those stupid Knicks just trade Carmelo Anthony or buyout the remainder of his two years left on his contract ? smh and it's about time Phil Jackson is finally moving on with his life and career elsewhere

  • Phil's Lakers used triangle to beat so-called modern basketball against Suns many times, it is not triangle is too old for this era, it is because nobody believes it and wants to execute it.

  • So you draft a point guard to run the triangle…then fire the guy who is making the players run the triangle???makes sense

  • if he only this happened before the draft

  • I hope you guys know that the reason the knicks suck is because of Phil Carmelo is better without the trash triangle offense look at the knicks old offense when the knicks didn't run the triangle Carmelo was a beast scoring 30 a game Phil has to go take his triangle somewhere else this is 2017 nobody runs that type of offense anymore. Also ya saying Carmelo gotta go I understand that's ya opinion but this nigga wanted to trade porzingod like bro comeon that's our future b this nigga gotta go 💯

  • They should have signed Michael Jackson not Phil

  • Finally!! There is a God!

  • thats not what ramona looks like, thats like from 2000

  • Bye 👋

  • This should have happened years ago

  • Phil Jackson, GOD BLESS HIM, is a bonefide scrub. He should never even think about having a career in management.

  • All dumb Knicks fans are happy. The same fans were upset when Phil drafted KP. Phil should've been allowed to get rid of Melo and trade KP, if a great trade like boston offering 2 of their top picks and Brown, had presented itself. If not, keep Phil for another year and see if KP grows to like the system. If he still doesn't, THEN fire Jackson and still have a year left to get people KP likes.

  • Phil as a Gm has been nothing short of cancerous.

  • Mike D'Antoni was with the Knicks. Melo ruined that by not wanting to do things D'Antoni's way.

    D'antoni goes to Houston and Harden does what D'antoni asks him to do and Harden is now an MVP candidate every year and in the 3rd seed in the West.

    Melo is clearly the issue and Phil learned that too late and ended up stuck with him.

  • I'm so damn happy, that this damn Phil Jackson is out of New York City!!

  • At 0:27 why arent they showing how fat she is now

  • I bet Stephen A was break dancing to the news

  • Carmelo Anthony suck all he do is want the ball

  • I will always love my Phil Jackson. He brought 5 additional championships to my city.

    Ever since he arrived, it became the golden years!

  • maybe knicks can get mitch kupchak??

  • I'm not a Knicks fan, but holy shit, I'm happy for you guys. Awesome coach, embarrassing GM.

  • phil is a bum.

  • bulls/knicks fan here congratulations to the tri state

  • In my 32year living in nyc I can say that may be I may not living too see this organization to winning a championship because of my age, but the new the came out about firings or let him go is the best I heard as a nyc fans in my life, this is like empeach the president, he show no effort to bring the organization to be a contender for or to be a champion, he can now go to Cleveland I guess maybe that were his is belong since his don't know how to build a team.

  • The thing about Phil is he was kind of acting like a douche BEFORE Carmelo. People forget this guy publicly dissed Kobe in a book, then when he returns to coaching the Lakers in 06 tries to backtrack and say, that Kobe started being coachable in 2001. It was Kobe who took the high road, forgiving Phil, and starting fresh.