Phil Jackson Needs To Coach The Knicks | First Take | June 27, 2017

Herm Edwards says New York Knicks GM Phil Jackson needs to coach the team and also manage the organization.

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  1. Nope! Phil is great at managing Alpha Ego's but the NBA is about Jim's & Joe's not X's & O's. His Triangle Offense obsession is ruining any rebuilding that is taking place. Forget the Knicks until both Phil & his outdated system are gone before they can rebuild with any substance

  2. Is Will Cain on Crack? Phil hasn't been that bad 😱😱😱 1. He traded J.R smith and Iman Shumpert for fuck all 2. Trade Tyson Chandler and Reymond Felton to player not in the NBA no more 3. If Derrick rose doesn't re-sign with the Knicks we basically traded Lopez, Calderon and Grant for Justin Holiday 4. Signed trash (Noah) to a four year $72 million contract fucking up cap space 5. Resigned Carmelo to a 5 year $124 million contract with no trade clause then decides to make him untradeable by openly bashing him in the media 6. Refuses to get with the times and enforces that the Knicks play with triangle offense which no one wants or knows how to play with 7. Making the Knicks so dysfunctional that even if we somehow got rid of Carmelo Noah and rose no one wants to play for us 8. Now drafting Ntilikina over Monk (arguably the best shooter in the draft class). Phil Jackson and James Dolan need to get tf out of the Knicks

  3. He signed Derek Rose, bad mouthed the superstar and future star on television, hasn't gotten the team a real coach or in the playoffs. What has he done right BESIDES draft The Unicorn?

  4. Will is a stupid fuck. Phil hired an inexperienced coach in Derek Fisher and wanted him to teach the Triangle. The Triangle which doesn't work in today's game. Also, he traded away Chandler, Felton, Shumpert, JR Smith, Jose Calderon, Robin Lopez and all that the Knicks got that is active is the often injured Derrick Rose.

  5. No, Carmelo and Joakim is not the issue. It's Phil and the triangle offense. The triangle offense doesn't work to the strength of these current players. They need to be playing high post offense or motion offense.

  6. Totally disagree with Will Cain on this one….there have been a ton of mismanagement moves made by Phil Jackson. He's a novice making mistake after mistake which is forgivable, but his arrogance is what has caused such dysfunction in the team.
    Melo on the other hand has done nothing wrong. He hasn't spoken out against Phil or the organization just reacted to what arrows have been thrown at him randomly. Melo's only flaw is that he's not athletically superior like Kobe or MJ, and at his age his game isn't as malleable to the changes Phil wants to impose on him. He is what he is. Shame on him I guess….smh.

  7. I'll take Isiah Thomas again than Phil at this point. With him we would've already signed an aging Dwade and over payed some Free agents but FA's don't even take meetings with Phil and he's supposed to have so much cache fuck those rings they don't mean shit. Phil is a dinosaur.

  8. Obviously this is just an assumption but I doubt him coaching would help the Knicks cause we all know he had Pippen and Jordan then Shaq and Kobe I think most of us could have won 10+ rings with them.

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