“I gained a lot of respect from Canelo’s performance…to me, Canelo’s defense looked better than Golovkin’s…they both took solid punches…it’s a well-earned rematch…maybe Golovkin felt that he could’ve did something more…these are the kinds of fights that really make boxing…Canelo got the better shot,” stated former world champion Peter Quillin, who shared his thoughts on the anticipated rematch between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. Check it out!



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  1. ehh, neither of them have had a rematch before so who knows who can make better adjustments. i assume GGG since his amateur experience and the fact that he knows canelo is gonna fight like floyd and lara now so he will be more prepared for that. and besides. what can canelo do anything different? move more? throw more? which means hes gonna gas out even earlier then the first if he does that. and more chances of him getting caught. GGGs adjusted body shots will forsure make canelo even more tired again lol i see GGG by TKO or corner stoppage

  2. GGG gotta show more variety, work the body more, not just pot shot head huntin, Continue the great pressure though !! Canelo gotta get fitter, better cardio. I agree with Robert Garcia when he said, Canelo mayb be protected a bit too much in Training and Sparring, they need more young lions to try and take his head off in sparring and do extra rounds. Gotta be something missing in his Training, Think about it, he got all the skills, Great chin, big heart, etc but just lacking wind stamina, Surely this can be solved ?? What could the problem possible be ??? Is it just that some people cannot get really fit Stamina wise ?? The built like a Sprinter not a Long Distance runner argument, But this is boxing not running right ? or is it like Robert suggests that he just doesn't get pushed hard enough in Training ??? Canelo is lucky 15 rounders are gone !! I hope he improves his wind stamina ! He is sure an exciting fighter to watch !! Just like to see him show a bit more energy !!!

  3. Chokolate is talking about balls ?… You never grew a pair , you ducked GGG and everybody else. When are you gonna fight ? Ahh "when the money is right .. " That was 5 years ago clown.

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