“We’re near the place now we have to be…I wanna go there and do my half to tactically spar and field in addition to I can…I do not assume sparring goes to be gentle…I count on some heavy sparring…he is a winner and he is an athlete…I count on him to make some progress,” acknowledged multi-division former world champion and commentator Paulie Malignaggi, who defined how the chance to function a sparring companion for Conor McGregor happened and why he is taking it. Test it out!



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  1. paulie is a smart guy with a good jab, I think he can give conor some solid advise and good sparring experience. Very underrated boxer imo, he got robbed several times.

  2. Poulie Malinagi spent all this time slagging of con-ner and now he's kissing his balls, nice bloke but big sell out thing to do. said he would knock out conner etc lol no he is conners bitch on the payrole 🙁 also he has a very big mouth so maybe he is telling Floyd but who knows. BOTH sides are only showing us what they want us to see and think!

  3. Even Nate Diaz outboxed conor. He is just a big mouth and a big clown who doesnt even defend his own titles. He is to scared to do it. May be he was just lucky..

  4. have nothing against mma but you can't just come in the boxing world and start disrespecting the rules and basically making excuses already if you really felt that way you wouldn't have signed the fight boxing has rules it's a sport get over mma has rules as well at the end of the day both sports are required very strong discipline

  5. The funny thing is Paulie slated mcg when the fight was becoming a reality, calling him a joke etc…The fight gets made and mcg's team asks Paulie to spar, to which he changes his tune and starts talking as though they chose him for his boxing IQ. Now it turns out (not altogether surprisingly) that mcg wants to have a tussle with Paulie over the crap he talked and possibly out muscle the mild-fisted Malignaggi, to no doubt bolster his ego, (look at the zeros he's used for sparring)…hahaha

  6. Is this the same Paulie who said ( w4NTP3hyJRo ) that you could tie his right hand behind his back, put weights on his ankles so his movement is limited, and put a neck brace on so he couldn't lower his head and he would still wipe the floor with Conor? That guy?
    Well, now's ya chance son, give it a shot.

  7. Malignani to spar connor ,the coming fight of Floyd N Gregor is all Floyd Money show, who is Malignani to be the sparring of Gregor, remember how Paul disrespect Manny and how Paul keep on prasising Floyd,.. Paul who called up Floyd telling bullshit story and bullshit prediction that we all know that Floyd as Vegas baby.But discovering that Floyd took in so much amount of vit IV as obvious evidence for such action.. , Paul kept hismouth shut, guilty from condeming Manny from no evidence at all from taking PEDS ., To PAUL and To FLOYD VS. MCGREGOR, AS everybody saying ITS SHOWTIME, BUT No HARDWORK…FloyD dont care , so why we gonna put time to watch this MONEY MAKER..FLOYD KNOWS ONLY ONE THING TO , How he will get your money, why not teach this guy a lesson…

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