“We’re close to where we have to be…I wanna go there and do my part to tactically spar and box as well as I can…I don’t think sparring is going to be light…I expect some heavy sparring…he’s a winner and he’s an athlete…I expect him to make some progress,” stated multi-division former world champion and commentator Paulie Malignaggi, who explained how the opportunity to serve as a sparring partner for Conor McGregor came about and why he’s taking it. Check it out!


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  • Paulie was a great fighter, if he had a bit of power he would have been phenomenal. Perfect sparring partner for the Mayweather fight.

  • G A

    WOW, PAULIE!!!! You changing your while tone once you agreed to get in the ring with Connor. lol so funny.

  • he needs lomachenko too ,sure he said he would help.

  • …Your momma must have raised a fool if you have any interest in this fight. Mcgregor doesn't even have golden gloves… Only a white male could fool you idiots into thinking he has a chance…. "He's a winner…" You're a sucker is you bought that BS

  • Mayweather. by KO round 2

  • Paulie can fight. He just doesn't have the DNA necessary to take him to that next level.

  • Conor's team needs to be calling up Erislandy Lara. This would be his absolute best experience and sparring for Floyd fight. I even think Lara would beat Floyd by dec.

  • He should get much better sparring

  • get a better microphone. this recording sounds atrocious.

  • paulie is loved over here in the uk. he is very highly thought of by us brits

  • Paulie tries to be slick, but he isn't. He gets hit a lot and got hit a lot in his prime. Just because he likes fighting that way doesn't mean he was actually slick. There are better sparring partners than this average loudmouth hater.

  • There is no help for mcgregor. He is to stupid for boxing and only cares about money. besides, he is a quiter.

  • Same dude who been talkin shit bout mcgregor now gonna teach him. McGregor say jump Pauline say how high. Some ppl will sacrifice anything for money. Prostitue Pauline.

  • paulie vs roger ….thank God i never. had to watch that ….thank God. the two most boring fighters ever …..i wish the Ukrainian beast was mayweather size ….

  • you buggin the fuck out if you think this is gonna be easy work for connor..

  • 2 months is not enough time to close the gap

  • Watch out, Conor! Floyd is known for having people infiltrate his opponent's camps so that he can learn as much about them as possible. Given Paulie Malignaggi was knocking him just a few months ago and given he's kissed Floyd's ass in the past, I'd be on the lookout for a possible snake in the camp, be it him or someone else.

  • I respect that Conor McGregor is taking this seriously and not playing games just for a check. he got my respect for that, I'm starting to like him and respect him because of it. he wants to learn he's not out there trying to show off, lose then go home payed with a half-assed Pacquiao Mayweather performance. this cat wants to take this guy down. Bravo

  • didn't he call McGregor a joke now he is going to help him?

  • I wonder if Conor would of called out mayweather if mayweather was still young and in his prime,If Conor loses he should be ashamed of himself losing to a man who is old enough to be his daddy!! I think mayweather will show the whole world that Conor is a fraud and should hand in the UFC belt as he is so scared of fighting anyone and defending it like real man and a real champion..

  • fuck this honkey devil.. glad he gets his ass beat down…

  • No one can help connor beat floyd….

  • Mc gregor doesnt like to be punched in the face. He rather go down and quit. Just the way he did against Nate Diaz.

  • Connor would be smart to spar with someone with similar shoulder roll defense, like Zab Judah. . But either way he's not gonna compete with mayweather in boxing only rules. .
    it's a glorified exhibition.

  • This Paulie guy is sort of a snake, there's nothing you can trust about someone who is already revealing camp secrets

  • M J

    Is that mcgregor in this video?

  • He look worst then Conor how he gonna help him when he fight terrible boxing easy af

  • There's absolutely nothing that can be done for Connor to make him win this fight and trust me, it will not be even remotely competitive. If it is even a little competitive, I will openly admit that had Connor done nothing but train boxing like Floyd all his life, he could have been an all time great. Bit I just can't see it happening. No matter how hard I try, I cant find a way to say Floyd loses even a round.

  • Paulie getting the money. Like the old DX song used to say, you got no chance that's what you got. This whole thing is a joke.

  • Paulie sounds like a pretty ideal sparring partner and just a useful person to have around in camp, good choice. Mayweather will still win though.

  • paulie is a smart guy with a good jab, I think he can give conor some solid advise and good sparring experience. Very underrated boxer imo, he got robbed several times.

  • yeah paulie s gonna get him ready alright .. ready to be knocked out

  • lord Conor gonna change this bum's life

  • he needs to spar with zab judah. he's the closest to mayweather style