Paul George’s Announcement Leaving Pacers Fans ‘High And Dry’ | SportsCenter | ESPN

Bob Kravitz explains why the Pacers would get “dimes on the dollar” to trade Paul George to the Lakers and assesses the reaction in Indiana about George’s revelation.

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  • Stop the Bull Sht.

    He wants to play for Cleveland. If it were true that he wants to be a Laker this story wouldn't need to have gone public.

    He ruined his trade value by letting all those other teams know he isn't going to re-sign with them.

    He didn't want to be labeled weak for joining the Cavs so he's forcing Indiana to trade him to the Cavs because we all know they won't mind wasting money on him for 1 year if LeBron tells them to.

  • I really want to see WAS, BOS, CHI or MIA get PG for 1 year.

  • Why would anyone go to the Lakers? Lol. Ffs

  • FOH high and dry he told them way in advance stfu

  • Pacers should rejoice now!!! I hope he wont play with the CAVS…Kevin Love is more valuable!!! Antetokoumpo is even 10 times better than this guy!!!

  • Didn't the Pacers tried to trade him earlier this year? Fans shouldn't be that upset

  • CAVS!!!!

  • As a Pacer fan I have no problem with him wanting to leave, whatever. You do you. Its a business. What I have a problem with is that he told everyone he wants to sign with the Lakers.
    Now no one will trade with the Pacers because they think he wont resign with them. He has virtually no trade value now. We could have gotten a top 3 pick for him and been in an okay spot in the future with that top 3 pick and Myles Turner, but now we're basically screwed.

  • Snake 2.0

  • Shit at least he's honest. Would you pacers fans prefer what L. Aldridge did with the blazers? Say he's a lifer then jump last minute leaving the fan base confused.

  • Good on PG to let them know now.

  • But why go to LA? I know it's his hometown, but that team is hella trash.

  • Cool….then the Lakers are picking Lonzo Ball 100%……

  • As a Pacer's fan living in Indianapolis, I would accept Love and J.R Smith for PG13.

  • High and Dry? Fake news. I'm from Indiana and he deserves better. Our team is shit

  • Lebron somewhere thinking "Shit I might be leaving too after this season I'll take that one year rental and raise you a Kevin Love"

  • Most people give a 2 week notice this mans is givin a 1 year notice and yall saying high and dry!?! FOH

  • Give the Pacers Mozgov and Deng

  • My Lakers better get him

  • You can blame Jim Buss for the Lakers not having any money to make moves in the offseason when he gave those awful dead money contracts to Deng and Mozgov.

  • I knew since 2014 rumors this day would come especially with magic taking over the Lakers 👌🏼

  • Lakers or Cavs may get Paul George but unless you get John & Ringo who cares?

  • ya bum as fan are lame. let the man go where he wants to go.

  • paul wants a ring he should sigh with cav , clippers may get him Jerry West moved there . but west is lock up for 2 or 3 years. we see

  • Paul George come to Cleveland!

  • At least PG13 told the Pacers that he intended to leave. I understand the anger of fans over this, but they'll be over it…the Pacers are just average…probably on the same level as the Hawks or something. PG13 won't put them over the top…not over the Cavs, and certainly not the Dubs.

  • Warriors probably hoping PG goes to LA through trade so Cleveland won't get him.. hell, they might even try to get him😂 zaza straight up

  • Damn, would have liked to see him on the Raptors, I think they could win the East with that team…. oh well, enjoy LA, it's fun when the Lakers are good

  • GSW should trade Clay for PG13. Then Lebron will commit suicide.

  • Pacers bout to be trash next year