Paul George A ‘Great Fit’ For Houston Rockets | First Take | June 29, 2017

First Take debates whether Paul George would be a “great fit” for the Houston Rockets with James Harden and Chris Paul.

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  1. if rockets get another star they could actually contend with gsw but i think it depends on what iguodala and livingston do surely the wont stay at the warriors again thats why the gsw are so good iguodala and livingston would be starters on most other teams

  2. Tell dude to shut the fuck up. He annoying as hell yo! Warriors are the smartest team in NBA. Lebron went to Miami that's ok. But Durant went to GS everyone on his dick. Or what's up with lebron getting a dream team in Cleveland. That's ok?

  3. Paul George on the rockets will beat Golden state not only because Paul George can make that same shot, he also has the knowledge to defend Durant past the 3 point line. Secondly, James Harden is the best point guard and shooting guard in the league so by having a great coach on the court with CP3 is perfect. If they can get Blake Griffin for Ryan Anderson and a pick would be perfect with Capella hard nose protection at the rim. I'll bet Vegas against golden state next year

  4. As durant said he likes the warriors because the open guy shoots. they don't worry about who gets the most shots.

    These guys are acting like players can't adjust to handle the ball less or shoot less.

  5. The WEST has now become a 2 man race between the Rockets and the Warriors! The Rockets just got the best PG in the NBA the Point God! The Warriors won't be able to hide Steph Curry on Defense like they against the Cavaliers in the Finals Curry who is 1 of the worst Defensive Point Guards in the NBA is going to have to guard Cp3 or James Harden he will get exposed! I love this trade for Houston they get a player who is great on Defense who can shoot the 3 40% from 3 and who has the best Midrange game in the NBA he is going to make the Rockets great on Defense and Offense i wouldn't be surprised if they Rank Top 3 on Offense & Top 3 in Defense! The Rockets have the pieces to give Golden State trouble people seem to forget that the Rockets still have both Exceptions they got the 8+ million exception & the 3.3 Million exception they ain't finished there going to add more pieces during Free Agency! Look at the Rockets lineup as of now

    PG Cp3
    SG James Harden
    SF Trevor Ariza
    PF Ryan Anderson
    C Clint Capela

    Bench 6th Man of the year Eric Gordon! I am so excited to see what the Rockets do during Free Agency maybe they find a way to get Paul George or Carmelo Anthony! You know what i find funny is idiots who keep saying there is only "1 Ball" that they both need the Ball in there hands to be effective BOWSHIT! If Lebron James & Kyrie Irving can make it work & the BIG 4 in Golden State can make it work why can't Cp3 & James Harden make it work? They both have high Basketball IQ'S they both want to play with each other so i am pretty sure they will make it work! There going to be a Dangerous Backcourt! It is going to be so fun to watch this team play. I love this trade for Cp3!

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