Paul George A ‘Great Fit’ For Houston Rockets | First Take | June 29, 2017

First Take debates whether Paul George would be a “great fit” for the Houston Rockets with James Harden and Chris Paul.

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  • Here's a hot take…Paul George would be a great fit for any team. Unless you don't like 2-way wing players in the prime of their career.

  • they need Gordon hayward

  • When Lebron did it teams wasnt worried.
    When KD does it all of a sudden teams are running scared….

  • why dont these fuckers join up in the East, like fucking hell. You all seriously want more free way trips for LBJ? HOW FUCKING BORING, its been happening for wayyyyyyy too long.

  • What part of "I want to play for the Lakers" Don't yall niggas understand

  • Wizards has collecting some money for Stars like George

  • omg who s the beauty in the pink

  • that chick attitude tho Damn 😥

  • Paul George is a great fit anywhere he goes.

  • top 25? he top ten. just gotta get his clutch gene rollin

  • bad fit

  • foh, PG to Washington

  • KOD

    Will its about statistic's durant made those shots this time.. But more than not if you make the right pass its fine.. BTW Klay will have the last shot if he is hot too.. and they all only have one defender on them not two or three… Its a total different scenario..

  • If they get Westbrook too

  • Imagine if Paul George lands in Houston with CP3 and Harden, Lebron & Kyrie be like "Fuck it, lets join the Rockets too, Fuck KD & Donkey"

  • Is this guy serious? He said he rather have a guy like Paul Milsap to guard KD? Uhh no thanks. He's a really good player but I'm pretty sure Paul George is a better matchup against KD than Paul Millsap..

  • they definitely need another big man

  • Paul George-"once my contract is done I'm going to LA"
    Every reporter in the league-" let's link George to every team other then the lakers"

  • Pg 13 cp3 spurs get rid of aldrige ass

  • Paul George doesn't work in Houston what so ever.  Too many ball handlers. As well as Cleveland too. His best fit is Spurs with Kawhi or Wizards with John wall and Beal

  • Paul Millsap is a great piece for the rockets I agree with Salley

  • the same people saying this wouldn't work is da same people who said warriors wouldn't be that good when kd went there because "too many people want da ball". this would make pg game so much easier

  • Harden CP3 and George still won't beat the warriors

  • He's a better fit with the Celtics. The only ones who can take it to the Cavs/Warriors hegemony.

  • They made a great point in a previous video why the rockets have the best chance to beat the warriors and its cause they take so many 3s that Statistically if they were to shoot well for 4 games they would win, but the chance of that was like1/10 or something. But adding Chris Paul and Maybe Paul George could add to the consistency of made baskets. Maybe?

  • omg lol houstone aint even beating spurs lol lebitchs go to the wnba east

  • Lechristy pauly

  • lol only player i may take above PG in the 4th is maybe Kyrie, The white guy isn’t even a legit analyist. George has ice running through his veins, always have,,,,,

  • bro when will will leave? jfc no one likes him bro

  • if it happens who gives up number 13. lol

  • Paul George, James Harden, and CP3 will not work.

  • Stop Talking Loud Nothing Really happen Dude…..

  • Nigga stfu Paul George can be going everywhere

  • Milsap is a better fit.

  • They sleeping on Anthony Davis He not gonna win a ring in new orleans

  • PG goes head to head with lebron in the playoffs every year. imo he's a top 10-11 player

  • John Sally makes sense!

  • john Salley had a great career playing ball but damn his not too good at this first take thing is he? lol

  • I like Paul in Houston or LA. I think Paul would be better in LA than he would anywhere else.

  • LeBron started this super team shit with him bosh and dwade

  • Spurs was blowing out the warriors before the put a hit out on kawhi Leonard so that proves you don't need 3 superstar

  • no Houston needs Rudy Gay (free agent) and maybe some PF Milsap? or Aaron Gordon, Anderson and possibly Harezl out

  • Eastern conference is gonna be so boring if PG13 go to the rockets

  • Nope not at all, better fit for the Lakers cause we got that Ball boi in town!

  • Bdota5 was there against the spurs. Still waiting for the video upload

  • If Houston got a wing or big that gets buckets and rim protects would be great for Houston