Patriots’ Julian Edelman Joins First Take | First Take | June 30, 2017

New England Patriots’ wide receiver Julian Edelman joins First Take to talk about his 2017 Body Issue cover, contributing to the largest comeback in Super Bowl history against the Atlanta Falcons, his plans for the future in the NFL and more.

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  • if he was black than football would need to be way bigger

  • GOT DAMN! I wanna lick the sweat off his chiseled bod!

  • Draymond Green is trying to be the Julian Edelman of bball but Julian is waaaay more of a bad man than Draymond will ever be. This guy is the definition of the ultimate beast.

  • Will Cain like a schoolgirl.


  • This comment will be made in the most heterosexual way possible – Edelman's ass is almost as muscular as John Cena's ass.

  • They should keep John and Stephen A Smith together. And throw in that Will guy once a while

  • Very athletic, hardworking and good looking, but he said, "I've BREAKEN my finger". Wtf? Well, he did look high the whole time.

  • Underrated. This guy gets open consistently and turned what could've been a game ending INT, into an all time great catch.

  • i still think this dude should have been the superbowl mvp

  • she couldn't hold it in damn Edelman looks hot naked

  • Poor man's Cole Beasley lol.

  • Give Sally a treat for being Vegan. Half weird ass dude. who cares if u eat grass all day…good for u.

  • Julian, We love ya man!!!

  • Will's flush and giggling after seeing the Edelman pictures.

  • Edelman, the most overrated WR in the NFL.

  • God- like body

  • "deluding yourself that you caught it" another one of Will Cain's stupid comments, still not quite as bad as the Canary story that he got completely wrong

  • gay mafia ass nigga


  • Is it just me or his facial hair a little too high up?

  • She was wet as Amazon jungle

  • Not gonna lie dude has a nice body

  • Is he gay

  • Tom Brady looks like he 30 not 40 white men dont crack

  • Cassidy eye fucking the shit outta Jules. For a former college QB, he has come a long way

  • Why is Espn doing soft porn?

  • Nigga needs to shape up his beard. why is it so high up your cheek?

  • I just LOVE HER…..and his BODY. Give me BOTH and let me dEyE in peace.

  • Aww he shaved his hipster beard. Does that mean he can't be part of the clique anymore?

  • did she just give him the i wanna fuck you raw face

  • almost every mediator is better than molly

  • Is sports turning just openly homo erotic or gay now? When did we vote on that? I demand a recount. Leave a separation between sports and male nudity, I humbly ask. I stand with gay people and all that, but I don't need to click on a sports story and see man ass. This video has ruined my pizza meal.