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8-division world champion Manny Pacquiao recently held a media workout in advance of his upcoming July 2 showdown with welterweight contender Jeff Horn. Check out the scene as Pacquiao spoke to the media about Horn, the fight, and much more.



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  1. Manny don't have it anymore he couldn't control Jeff Horn at all he didn't have the speed and power we have come to see in Manny he struggled with Horn being so aggressive and being busy that is why he looked old but he did enough to have won the fight

  2. looks like all horn did in the ring was just slapping manny's face as I didn't see any bruise on manny's face. but when I looked at horn's post fight face, dan it looks like he just got hit by a steel real hard.

  3. God is on Mayweather's side. All you racists, hate him, talk crap about him…and karma always comes back to bite you and your heroes in the ass. LMAO!!!!

  4. NO NO NO NO 👎… THIS mothafucca better cut it out.. Before i even listen to what this "hurt shoulder" paper made ass midget ass bitch has to say.. HE RAN!!! HE GOT THE BETTER PUNCHES LANDED ON HIM.. hes fucking dismissed. Cherry picking finally caught up to you …

  5. People say, "Mayweather fans get butthurt." I mean, I'm a Mayweather fan, but it's not butthurt lol… Manny had HOW long to prepare for the fight? He knew Mayweather's style, and couldn't stop it… only losers make excuses. Manny's obviously done more than anyone of us ever will in our lives… I'm just saying. 50 have tried, and fifty have failed. Truth is, he just wasn't good enough. Even if his shoulder was 100%, I don't think it would've made a difference to be honest. Maybe a little bit, but not by much. 50-0. All of that being said, Pacquiao is a great fighter and is one of the classiest guys in the history of the sport… just a little bitter with this one

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