8-division world champion Manny Pacquiao recently held a media workout in advance of his upcoming July 2 showdown with welterweight contender Jeff Horn. Check out the scene as Pacquiao spoke to the media about Horn, the fight, and much more.


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  • 😴😴😴😴

  • nobody wants to see that at this point

  • How can you expect to fight Floyd coming off an easy win over Jeff Horn? LOLOL

  • 😴😪😪😪😪

  • The people saying they don't want to see mayweather vs Paquiao 2 are the same people who are going to see mayweather vs Mcgregor lol

  • I want to see the rematch i think Manny can beat him this time

  • so all the people who are talking about how Floyd waited for Manny to get old are just not going to apply the same kind of logic here huh? i HOPE floyd does not give this man a rematch it honestly is not deserved at all

  • They're both getting in tune up's. Rematch 2018

  • Don't know which is worse Mcgregor vs Mayweather or horn vs Pacquiao. SMH

  • Fight Thurman or Spence you bum!

  • STFU Pacquiao

  • Oh my god, give over already.

  • Bob Arum or somebody on his management team is lying to him about him possibly getting a rematch with Floyd. Floyd is semi-retired. He's not going to fight elite boxing competition at 40 years old.

  • Pacquiao is struggling with sacks of meat

  • Still using Mayweather name to promote your fights. Classic Manny

  • look not fresh… Hope pacqiuao bring jeff horn kiss the kanvas

  • look not fresh… Hope pacqiuao bring jeff horn kiss the kanvas

  • I'd rather watch the rematch than mcgregor right???

  • but Mayweather is scared of rematch like his fans lol

  • why not ??!!! because you ain't do shit the first fight. He "injures his shoulder". so what makes you think for another $100 it will be any different. when he doesn't look good it's shoulder pulls & leg cramps.Dude is so overrated.

  • he pulled his shoulder throwing over 400 punches that didn't land

  • Oh is that why Manny is fighting bums.. Trying to stay undefeated for a rematch lol.. You better knock him out cold to get your 0.000001 chance of a rematch..

  • I'm not a Pacquiao fan but he handled the question well. He's getting a lot of shit in these comments but the reporter was the one who brought Mayweathers name up.

    Btw, At one point in this video, even Pacquiao forgot his opponents name.

  • To many flomos in the comments section


  • i would love to see the rematch between pacquiao and mayweather

  • Show Mayweather that you aren't fighting a gimmick like his rich punk ass… either way you had your chance on the May Train, it's time to move on. You are still a great by ending your carear with some smashing victories over some young bucks like Thurman, Crawford, Porter, or even Mikey Garcia.

  • Pacquiao Vs Floyd 2. I see it happening guys it will be fucking huge!

  • Regardless of all the negative comments against Manny, this guy is one of the greatest fighters of all time. The Floyd fight and the Marquez KO do not define him. They're part of his legacy just like the Barrera fights, Morales fights, Marquez fights, De La Hoya, Hatton, Cotto, Clottey, Margarito, Mosley, Bradley and many others. Give respect to this Filipino slugger. He certainly has mine.

  • u like money now manny? fuck off

  • Mayweather vs pacquiao 2 may 2018 needs to happen

  • NOBODY but dumb ass Manny fans wanna see that bullshit fight. They are BOTH over the hill. Smh…

  • you are going to be knock out flat.

  • He paused briefly when stating "we don't want to underestimate………….. It was a brief few seconds until it hit him lol yes Manny, Jeff horn.. Mayweather again 😂😂give me a break..

  • First everyone said Floyd was scared and would never fight PAC then he does and blows him out on points now may weather is scared for a rematch lmao these fans are special…. Ed

  • Mayweather returns to fight a 0 record boxer but can't offer Pac a rematch? That's because he knows the truth deep down that he lost in that fight. Can't believe people are getting angry at Pac just because he wants a rematch but everyone is good with Floyd fighting a 0 record boxer. And Pac is still the best welterweight out there and the most impressive credentials to to fight Mayweather.

  • I like Manny and am one of many fans who admire his boxing career and success, from nothing to a global iconic boxer.
    2 days ago I went to the Sofitel in Brisbane, Australia with my 5 year son to hopefully see him. Who I meet at the hotel in reception was his arsehole of a shifty Manager who was an absolute wanker, rude bastard. Michael Knocz is a sneaky rude prick and Manny should get rid of him, sack that wanker..

  • manny didnt talk about it. he just answered your question.

  • Pacroid you ducked Crawford and now you are fighting a school teacher, how low can you go roider? LMAOOO

  • i aint gonna watch it if it happens again gonna be boring like before run hug run run, run floyd run

  • id pay for that rematch floyd might still win but i think pacman would do much better….floyd just take da dam rematch

  • He should fight u next.. But he won't let me go

  • referee said to jeff horn im here to protect you bruh wtf is this shit it was definitely mannys win