Outlawz on Almost Fighting w/ Nas’ Crew, Nas and Pac Squashing the Beef

Legendary rap group and 2pac affiliates the Outlawz stopped by VladTV for an exclusive interview detailing their relationship with Death Row Records. They discuss their relationship with 2Pac and Suge Knight, and how an incident with Sam Sneed became the catalyst for Aftermath Records. They also discuss almost fighting with Nas’ crew at the MTV awards. Watch above.



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  1. I'm starting to question what is it that the outlaws were good for besides rapping? always screaming ride or die … when did they ever ride out for pac besides on a rap track? I can't recall a time they touched a hair on one of pacs enemies , I could be wrong but if not that's some real ho shit

  2. The Lawz know what's up.. they know real niggas like themselves don't speak on buster ass niggas like wack 100 shit… they know they got real niggas in the streets going to take them niggas the fuck out in the real life, fuck this internet shit.. they gon catch him slippin and if I ever see little RuPaul I'm going to Toss that Ass Up! I'm gonna to do Dolly too!! for Kadafi!!!! OUTLAW!!!!!!!!

  3. FUCK MAN!
    Why Vlad always on some feds sh*t!? I'm surprised he hasn't got his wig split, or those butt cheeks busted! I'm sure he's putting feds on his payroll for protection!
    I never wish bad on a dude that hasn't fucked with me or my fam personally… However, he better start changing his ways pretty quickly!!

  4. See I don't know what I can believe. Dude on the left talking about had love for Nas and the outlaws had love for Naz. I remember those years, I grew up at that time. There's no way Pac and the outlaws had love for Nas. Pac talked mad shit about Nas, biggie, and a lot of other people. I heard mad times that Pac would run into people like Biggie and Nas backstage at award shows, and say I'm just trying to make money etc. and nothing would pop off, so all the shit they was talking was for record sales that's it, but then again people got killed and beat up. about money people get killed.

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