Omarosa Breaks Silence About Donald Trump & White House: ‘It’s So Bad’

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  1. She need to save that sad ass sob story, that was her boy even before the presidency. We all knew what kind of person he is and so does she and her boujee ass still attached herself to him, now after he booted her she wanna cry.

  2. Charlemagne needs to know the Ball Is Life for certain ball players and that kid showed bravery to still play. BUT his ass should've been home resting for the important game coming tomorrow instead of at a house party and we already know most black people's house parties get shot up. If it's in a club I'll go. If it's at someone crib….naw, I'll pass

  3. These Chicago celebrities are profiting off the violence in Chicago, and I ain't mad at them. No one ever talks about Orr High School on the Westside of Chicago. I'm so glad they are bringing positivity to our city.

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