Offset gets mad at Radio Personality for Tryna Act like his Verses Can’t Cost $250,000


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Offset getting mad at Radio Personality for Tryna Act like his Verses Can’t Cost $250,000
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  • Lmao @ joe Kerr …HE is NOT that BAD jus LESS relevant THAN the other TWO

  • can I get a DJ AK intro that would be 🔥

  • Akedemiks kill your self please offset is as good as quavo

  • But Offset did The Hook for their Biggest Song "Bad & Boujee" doe🤷🏾‍♂️

  • ok for $250K . the verse is not worth it. he doesn't right much and freestyles some generic trap which is sometimes good . but for $250K you get the hype . having takeoff in the song will get hella views

  • Real Talk….
    probably 50k… give or take 10 stacks… no more… 💯💯💯

  • All you people sleepin on offset look up his first day out

  • That nigga's verse $5 at best

  • every since bad and bouji offset been acting very conceited. thinking he the shit.

  • wrong!!! offset has the best flow.. ppl just like Quaavo cause hes popular one out the group

  • Offset verse worth bout maybe 10k if your a nobody

  • $0

  • I got some lint and 3 sticks of gum for a dj akademiks verse. Who gon match me?

  • lmao if offset charging 250k quavo must be charging like 750k

  • Akademiks you missin the whole point….

  • You know what fuck ebro

  • Fuck EBRO!!!!

  • $39.95 per verse in the Walmart discount bin !

  • he got bars foh listen to the lyrics dawg stop tryna play my nigga

  • Quavo getting like 75-180k a verse and take off and offset probably get 50-100k a verse , depending on who tryna pay em

  • 250k? lmao offset is fuckin garbage i would never in a millions years give that retarded ass mf that much money for a weak ass fkn verse that's gonna sound like my lil retarded cousin made it w that lame ass auto tune and macbook he uses 😂😂 250k that dumb mf better sound like j dawg or lil wayne on the track and better make that mf song sell a billion records dumb mf niggas think just bc he with minos or made a lot of trash ass songs that society loves now a days that they can actually say well he's balling your not like that's even a jab to throw in this situation lmao dumb mfs man i tell ya what's the world coming too he wants that much when a fkn doctor couldn't even get that much off a simple ass procedure that offset couldn't do in his life 😂😂 you can get famous and rich off anything now a days so my best advice to y'all is do whatever you can bc most likely that will make you rich just like that dumb catch me ousside bitch younger then me by 10 years and making more then me just by disrespecting her mom on dr phil lmfao

  • Offset bout to slap Ak next lol


  • Xen

    Offset – Monday. His hooks are fire

  • back breaking danced again ok i gets its.

  • Migos are lowkey trash asf

  • Migos are just a bunch of niggas mumble rapping and saying gibberish

  • These the same niggas that Drake made relevant

  • Nobody paying $250K for him to mumble on a track.

  • You Get A Offset Bible For 250K lol

  • 250? My nigga 4 features and he got a mil😂

  • Migos be like: I need all of my racks
    They eating all of the snacks "rap snacks"
    Wit ah lil dab ah ranch "uhhh"
    I'm dabbin right out the jag "skirt skrrrttt "
    Bitch I'm mike Jackson bad "uhh"

  • I can see how KrAzY this sounds, but no. If as @DJAkademiks said $75k. 2-3 features, 5-10 minutes of his creativity, your close to a Quarter MiLL… Don't forget! She probably wanted to take him across the world for a Video Shoot, metaphorically speaking. 33k a piece every show? shit thats a week of touring.

  • Takeoff gets 100k for getting his verse deleted on the track. Nah FR TAKEOFF IS UNDER RATED FUCK U HATERS, he still making bread

  • can't even afford to go to a concert what makes you think I'll pay 250,000 for a verse

  • he obviously saying he trash if he saying his verse ain't worth 250k

  • He does suck all mumble rappers suck just listen to em without the beat just a cappella and tell me that some dope shit I don't think so

  • he the best one in migos

  • nicca we want to hear quavo first then takeoff and then you. u runner up off set.

  • ofset is the only one from migos who is garbage

  • niggas is clowns. Takeoff is the best out of the three. undoubtedly

  • That nigga gonna give me 250 cents to rap on my shit and I don't even rap

  • if you pay 250 k for this coons verse kill yaself

  • wayne at his ZENITH was commanding 70k for a verse.. set guwop verse took tf off but 250k no.. 60k? Feasible. set verses are hot.. the guwop verse reaction is what made him up his asking price. matter fact set verses been fire.

  • 200$ for a skit.. go DJ

  • That nigga must gon have all 3 migos rap on my shit for a week straight & promote my shit on ig

  • Seems like offset let his anger takeoff am I right????