Obama Destroys Trump in NBA 2K

Barack Obama and Donald Trump may exchange pleasantries because of shared respect for b the highest office in the land, but this recent viral video is far from it, as 44 & 45 went at it on the basketball court. Well, sort of.

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  • Maybe they'll let that treasonous, Marxist scumbag, have a PS4, in prison…

    M A G A 🇺🇸Come and take it!

  • Clickbait 😤

  • Yo pierce were you at a target in eagle rock? I could've sworn I seen you

  • The clickbait tho

  • fuck

  • HUGE L!! Pierce said.. since the end of his 10 year as president….. nigga what??

  • That's NBA Live 18. Complex doesn't do their research smfh

  • people are stupid as fuck. Obama is a gay Muslim who loves cocaine , no joke. .

  • Trump >Obama

  • "news"

  • This guy looks like a black Guy Fawkes mask!

  • Complex just stop. Not only is this video not news but Pierce just said Obama was president for 10 years. Just stop.

  • Complex News don't ever make politically motivated videos, just stick to talking about yeezy and "my name is Jeff" type of videos.

  • IDC if Trumps from NY.. He'll never be apart of the #KnicksTape


  • 1. Clickbait title
    2. That "mix" of Obama vocals is old af
    3. That NBA video stole the audio and just added it to shitty gameplay
    4. You actually consider yourselfves as 'news'?
    5. L


  • I hold an L for watching till the end.

  • Oh i see a lot of liberal viewers living in a bubble and i mean literally a bubble.Why are you judging trump on his political side based on a cartoon character game which is not even related to politics????

  • Barack needs to play 2k to get back in office so we can get rid oh trumps bitch ass I mean come one the man can't even read legal documents thats sad 4 the "president of the United states"

  • Talk about click fucking bait

  • Some good Obama deep throating here, Complex can't get off the nuts

  • L for having obama do a Drake song

  • this is our news

  • Trump has the Hall Of Fame Brick Wall badge.

  • click bait fuck u complex

  • how is this news? holy shit complex get it together.

  • Donald Trump is on pace to be the worst president of all time.


  • Trump>obama

  • this is the worst fucking video i've ever seen @complex

  • L

  • thats racist

  • Alphacat!!!!

  • This is one of the top 10 stupidest videos I've seen on Complex. And that's saying a lot.

  • This is not news.

  • I feel so lied to

  • Really complex? You think this is news now?

  • click bait bullshit

  • Nice clickbait Complex

  • complex get an L for this clickbait shit

  • Clickbait!!!!!! I thought they played against each other

  • click bait fuck complex