North Korea hotel has “hidden” 5th floor

Dr. Calvin Sun recalls going to the “hidden” 5th floor of the hotel, the same hotel where Otto Warmbier stayed during his trip to North Korea.


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  • ✔️ The 7th floor is where the YOUNG Pioneers Trump narcissists with GOLDEN showers Russian style‼️⛔️‼️

  • Damm Fake news!…

  • fucing faggots amirite

  • My friend went twice, loved it. Just gotta follow the rules.

  • Am I the only one who notice pro wrestler and MMA fighter Bob The Beast Sapp?

  • Please ,Do not go there next end up jail crying
    why American people can not learn….? This is not China

  • stupid games stupid prizes 😕

  • I understand that some would want to go for various purposes but to me, why would you want to visit a country that most people already living there are trying to escape? Like what logic is that?

  • All the stuff you see is staged. What's the point of going to such a horrible country?

  • There are a lot of beautiful country to go and have a vacation why would anyone want to go to N.K,instead of going there just go to S.K

  • Respect ANY country you are visiting, and if you would like to take mementos home, ASK your GUIDE how to BUY gifts from the country / hotel / town you are staying at. Often if you ask nicely, you can get real hand made crafts from the local shops or local people – something that you would never expect to find in a store in USA. Note MANY countries will not accept US Dollars, and you will have to also ask to exchange your foreign money for local money, and pay a fee.