Nina Turner Talks How Hip-Hop And Politics Go Hand In Hand, Strong Women In American History & More

Nina Turner Talks How Hip-Hop And Politics Go Hand In Hand, Strong Women In American Society & More

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  1. I truly love Nina Turner, That being said, she mentioned blind trust in people. Her muslim sister Linda Sarsour who believes in Sharia law said of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She's asking 4 an a$$ whippin'. I wish I could take their vaginas away- they don't deserve to be women. Why is it progressive to protect the people who would murder some one for being gay or an adulterous. Your Muslin Sister Linda Sarsour is not progressive when it come to women rights, she is a cancer to women and the LGBT community.

  2. Elephant In The Room. When are Black America going to Face Hillary and Obama armed and funded and promoted The Azov Nazi Battalions In the Ukraine? Last thing he did in Office.. Vote with The Ukraine against the anti nazi propaganda UN mandate. Ship The Azov Battalions 5 planeloads of missiles and 250 specialists in breach of the Minsk and all UN Treaties. 5 billion dollars spent on The Azov Aka The Fang Nazi in just the first 4 years of Obamas administration. The same Nazi SS that ran Poland and the death camps during WW2. The same Nazi that Hillary and Obama sent black shirts and black masks and whistles and billions of dollars for the Ukraine riots where the Azov burnt firemen alive. The Azov Battalions now Totally Autonomous from The Ukrainian. Army, 5 Battalions strong Put in charge of The Ukraine Intelligence Service flying their Nazi flag. The same Intelligence service from where Russia hacked the elections came from and owns Crowdstrike. The Azov Battalions on Parade. Go watch what Your Democrat Clinton Obama, Rice , Nuland and Their Ambassador Personally supervised all the way to December 2016 in cahoots hand in hand with McCain. Seriously 5 billion dollars spent On Real Genocidal burn people alive Nazi.. The Real Left of The Planet is sick to death of The Totally Fake left of America no matter what race colour or creed you are. Destroying Libya stealing all Africas Gold and Arming and Funding Nazi Real death squad Nazi And you people never once mention it while all that money that should go to your people is spent on this. Which has got to be The most disgusting shit any government could spend its money on.THATS OVER 1 TRILLION DOLLARS SPENT JUST ON THOSE TWO COUNTRIES ALONE BY December 2016. For What? Nazi in The Ukraine and To back the most slaughterous criminal murdering General Libya has ever known after keeping him in Virginia for 10 years then flying him back supplied with every weapon known to mankind. If you want to talk about Obama And Clinton and Bernie maybe you should start being honest about just how low they actually went and Just Exactly Whom they spent your money on arming and funding Thats around.200 000 dollars for every American family spent on Nazi And a Freakazoid insane Killer who is 20 times worse than Qaddafi by December 2016. Nice One American left. You have No credibility left. And the fact you never as Black Political commentators Ever Ever talk about Whom Your trillions actually is spent on, Nor Do you ever mention that your CIA is The enemy and always has been the enemy of All Left wing Parties snd governments and civil rights movements in America and Abroad is a very clear indication that we are witnessing just another American political scam of its own people..Bernie sold out in minutes his own supporters. Instead of focusing on cleaning up the corruption in his party he has pretended it does not exist. He has been silent for 8 years on arming Nazi, voting with Nazi at the UN, and has ranted Russia Russia Russia when every Socialist on the Planet Knows The DNC was Never hacked. Craig Murray The ex British Ambassador that blew the whistle on The CIA kidnapping European citizens off the streets and shipping them to secret death camps. Proven to be totally true and still today the subject of extradition orders by countries like Italy of CIA agents. That Craig Murray picked up The emails Stick and hard drive from Seth Rich in Washington and flew it back to Wikileaks in London. He has told the whole planet this. Wikileaks created and run by the Australian Left wing Journalists who have been chasing The American CIA since Vietnam. And whom have never once lied in 60 documentaries and over 1000 interviews in 45 years. Until you Get Honest all Real Socialists of The planet will know that the CIA total takeover of all Left Liberal and Civil rights movements and Trade Unions of The USA that we lived through and witnessed in the 70s is still in place. If The cleanup and cleanout starts with this degree of fakery, Fraud and lies you really do deserve what you get.Credit to Tina for starting but really. Can you protect her if she dares to tell the whole truth.? I doubt it. I doubt it very much.

  3. Nina Turner, will you mentor me? I love history…I believe we need to know our history (beginning), in order to be cognizant of the strategy to move forward, avoiding the pitfalls of the past. Another thing, I've learned is to be careful of just accepting information, research and cross reference it. A large part of writing college papers is dependent on research, stating the sources and (being careful) not to plagiarize. Also, to dig deeper, information taught in high schools are what's permitted (by a governing body).

    Get the unsanitized version about everything. I'm researching Christopher Columbus, he's not what is taught in high school. Most scientists get the accolade for the finished product of an experiment, like Thomas Edison, but his forerunner Lewis Latimer (African American) got mentioned as a side bar. There are a couple of dimensions to information, surface and deep.

  4. I agree. hip-hop is deep thought material. for example; a few weeks ago I was flipping through the music channels on Direct TV and when I stopped the tasteful Artist said "muddafuka kaint hear, got a dick in his ear". So yes, take it straight to Da Muddafukin White howse. then change the name to "Da Black Howse" and bring in the whores, colt45.

  5. So nice to hear somebody black admit that President Obama was just a symbol; that he did absolutely nothing for the black people. He did so much for gay people, but not blacks. Like she said we have not, because we ask not.

  6. Speechless! If the Democrats (Obama) have not provided black Americans their due during the last 8 years, why should black Americans continue their support of Democratic leaders and party? Even Nina, from her own mouth, she states "Democrats" have called her Coon. Yet she still pushes Democrats on black Americans. Speechless!

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