New Yorkers React To Phil Jackson’s Departure From Knicks | SportsCenter | ESPN

New Yorkers on the street react to news that Phil Jackson is parting ways with the New York Knicks organization.

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  • Knicks suck Phil or no Phil

  • Sorry for doing this I'm just tryna gain exposure to my new channel…

    KNICKS FANS (or nba fans) It will be be much appreciated if you can give FEEDBACK to my recent Phil Jackson!

  • When they got Phil knick fans were like yay!!!! 3yrs later Nooo……..

  • Phil Jackson can go coach in the Bermuda Triangle! Lol

  • He'll he made 50k a day wtf do he care about losing his job he's filthy rich

  • Phil Jackson one of the best coaches of all time especially when you put the team together for him a true basketball fan new no way in heaven that it was going to work out in New York they brought him there because he used to play with the New York Knicks I bet the Lakers would take him back in a heartbeat on some capacity

  • lol. Knicks fans ate idiots. This why they can't win anything

  • Phil will get the last laugh. i swear to god!

  • happy for new york

  • mad who lost their job? phil? he's walking with 60m bro

  • It's a shame Dolan came from a Billionaire family, no way will he sell the team.

  • The last dude was like the great black storyteller in an old Trevor Noah stand-up bit.

  • with the same owner they still going to see the team go nowhere before Phil got there they were a disappointment for many years knick fans should want ownership change like in LA

  • Everybody say Glllllltttt it's a celebration bitches

  • I'm ready to hear more from the last guy man… he would be a great announcer. Somebody please make him famous

  • Crusty ass New Yorkers

  • Pao

    the reporter looks like a freshly shaved kyrie irving. lol

  • Problem is Melo is still way too old and past his prime and Zinger is injury prone and can't raise the Knicks by himself. They need some serious trades and at least 1 new star player. Trade D-Rose for starters, possibly Melo too. Build a team around zinger like they said they would.

  • Isiah Thomas is a dark horse to become Knicks President why?

  • Phil sucks ass

  • hate phill all u want… but he was ryt about melo in the end…

  • "The smell is genuine am i late it dont even matter phil jackson is gone?" 😂😂😂😂😭😭 yall more hype than we were when we found out mitch kupchak was gone 😂😂😂😂

  • Dolan and carmelo are the real problem

  • It's like the Wicked Witch died in New York. lol

  • "picking up the newspaper"??? my nigga wtf is a newspaper


  • Pathetic. Now Knicks fans melo fans need to find some new excuses. Who's the next guy to blame?

  • the black guy always has to be the idiot smh