New Year’s Resolution Update on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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  1. OMG did I hear Jason ask Melyssa kindly "I have two more stories PLEASE bare with me"? Don't believe me go to 27:52. Jason I really do believe you have more Blessings in store for you. Melyssa in addition to injuring/killing someone else think about yourself too – you could be injured/killed or put in jail for an undetermined amount of time so please be careful and drive responsibly.

  2. Getting in shape is not all that hard…PHYSICALLY….it's the Mental that must be mastered…..then ,aww SHIT!!! You can do DAM near ANYTHING!!! Pace yourself( whoever's reading this and want's to get back in shape) make it a lifestyle choice, instead of sitting on the coach ….GO FOR A WALK ……EVERYDAY!!!! 20 TO 30 MINUTES……… first, please trust me?!! ….SHIT GETS SO EASY!!! in a few short weeks you'll be doing a mile or so, real talk.

  3. Me and my best friend to this day got in a really bad accident, we had just left the strip club and he was driving and we were headed to another friend of ours house and he decided to try something new he never did before and drive with his eyes closed now some people call that sleeping either way we ran into a telephone poll and knocked out peoples power in their houses, but thank GOD for seatbelts they do save lives because when you can walk away from an accident were the engine came through the dashboard you are truly blessed that's my crash test dummy story, great video.

  4. Really good conversation about goals and fears and things.. this type of stuff has really been on my mind lately.. Why does Melyssa speak in such a condescending tone with Gio though.. it's getting old..

  5. Hello Jason I love your show, you are so positive and direct you know where you are going and you know what you want and I also love and admire Gio! Jason continue to put your trust in God and many doors will open up for you! Also, Jason you're doing the correct thing, claim it and it shall be yours! 😊😊

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