New cyberattack freezes computers across the globe

The ‘Petya’ ransomware spread throughout networks in Europe and affected several major U.S. companies on Tuesday.


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  • wow NSA attacking everyone!

  • subscribe me

  • at least this is stopping people from the internet and makin them spend more times with there friends and family but at the same time we need internet to do all the procesing for our favorite foods

  • Gosh, such timing for these events. Have a feeling things are about to get interesting..

  • noo, Oreos

  • Russia

  • Someone should hack Google and shut it down. Demand that Google turn its news page back to the way it was. Everything Google touches turns to shit.

  • So Obama's weapon of doom is turning against it's creators. I call that karma

  • Ukraine did it again

  • "Somebody made watch dogs into a real thing"

  • Why do people do this?

  • and yet they can't find a way to hack these damn ads away from YouTube

  • contact walter O'Brien!! he will know what to do.

  • I wish I could talk like Brian Ross, he just made the temporary loss of Oreo's computer systems sound like the apocalypse was here.

  • the reason all this shit should be in the control of live people, not ducking computers. I'd sue the hospital.

  • This better not be north Korea because I'm sick and tired of that stupid country

  • Good, that's what you get for not hiring tech workers to keep your company up to date.