NBA Daily Show: Jan. 11 – The Starters

On Thursday’s episode of The Starters, the guys debate whether today’s 76ers-Celtics was the best London Game yet, if the fans have the right All-Stars starters, and Lou Williams’ chances of being selected after droppin’ 50. That, plus Al Harrington joins us to talk about his NBA career and medical marijuana; new Meme Team; and Tas says goodbye to England.



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  2. All star voting: Yeah, fans got some of it right but some of it completely wrong: To my mind Cousins is level if not better than AD this season and he's certainly playing better than Draymond. Second one and I completely disagree with Skeets: Butler should not be in the discussion with Lou Williams, he should be in the discussion with Westbrook, Curry and even Harden. Don't leave out his defense, leadership and clutchness. Overall he's been one of the top3 players in the league now for more than a month. Back to Lou Williams: Competition is huge but he's getting closer, definitely deserves to be ahead of Booker, Kuzma and Lonzo. Just my opinion

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