Napoleon (Outlawz) on Moving Him & His Family to Saudi Arabia

Napoleon of The Outlawz sat down with DJ Vlad for an exclusive interview detailing his new life as a father living in the middle east. Born in Newark, Napoleon made his way out the west coast and formed an alliance with Tupac to become one of the most notorious West Coast rap groups. Now living in Saudi Arabia, Napoleon details how he’s changed his life around. Watch above.


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  • this guy's a little bitch he doesn't even know his African history straight up fuck ngga! Pac would be angry with you nigga!

  • THE


  • So happy, he represented islam so beautifully. MashaAllah!!! May Allah bless this Man!

  • why is this "journalist" trying to push some sort of religious/political agenda? you interviewing the wrong brother for that go speak to the Saudi Embassy…… ask for a rep

  • Saudi Arabia is a Terrorstate

  • Black people in America need to be taught of the Muslim Black kings that the white Americans have hidden them

  • Goat fucker

  • E.

    glad to see him doing well. great interview!

  • Vlad is such a dick.

  • I have my utmost respect for this man, Napoleon. He's a strong man who changed his life for the better. listen to his life story and you'll understand. He really made a sacrifice. One love

  • I'm in Bahrain now. It's not bad at all. A lot of Americans relocating here.

    Saudi though. No way no how.

  • Vlad just asked if United Arab Emirates is in Africa.

  • This was really interesting, especially when he broke down some of the differences between religion & culture. I look forward to more of this interview!

  • Fuck all that

  • when you putting the rest of the video up 👍

  • I wonder will napolean's "Muslim brethren" denounce Muslims enslaving and selling black African migrants in Libya and Mauritania in 2017 probably not!!! Black people are so gullible and naive.

  • I don't know why we as so-called black ppl accept all these pagan religions, but don't have no clue that we're the lost children of Israel.


  • Ya'll gotta remember that Arabians and Asians hate blacks more than us whites these days

  • lee

    Napoleon went through a lot growing up

  • lol the saudi king had a son with a black slave woman; he had him killed for being half black. wake up mutah they dont like u bro.

  • big respect

  • Man shit like this show me how brainwashed and evil America is this is the land of fuckery helps bring out the inner animal

  • it's like 6 months in jail.

  • I ain't mad at cha

  • mad respect to Napoleon

  • makaveli the don will be proud.

  • Salute to Napolean he did what works for him and his family. Everyone has to make a choice about what is best for them.

  • His face is glowing mash'allh ..he seems very happy and positive you can tell by his smile

  • the legend

  • i wonder if he knows about the arab slave trade?

  • crazy

  • What up Mutah long time good to see the homie

  • arabian niiiiiights
    like arabian dayssss
    soon as the hommie got popped
    to the far east he flocked
    & got out of Suge's wayyy

  • you gotta have paper longer than white men to live in the Middle East. what he doin?

  • This brother went from mean mugging to smiling 24/7. Power of Deen.

  • bro i live in UAE dubai wanna meet u

  • Islam is an Arab supremacist doctrine.

  • good for him my plan is to move to montego bay jamaica but still visit america

  • Black people go from one slave religion to the next smh

  • Vlad really asked dude "Is Saudi Arabia technically Africa?"

  • Saudi is run by wahabism . U mofuckas need to read, its their own type of islam, read about the Saudi family . They run that shit their own way

  • What the Fuck is in Saudi Arabia? You can't Run from your Problems, Napoleon.