FightHype.com was on hand at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California where undefeated future Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather and UFC multi-division champion Conor McGregor held the first of four press conferences to promote their highly-anticipated cross-sport mega-fight. Check out the scene as Mayweather took to the podium and spoke for the first time.



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  1. connor mcgregor to white people is what weed is to rastas, what comics are to nerds, what mcdonalds is to fat people LOL. connor is actually an entertaining dude and you can't be mad at the guy for fighting a losing fight for $100 mil but white people make you want to dislike him thinking he's the 2nd coming or something lol smh damn white people i'm not even black but it's crazy how white people go crazy when there's a half decent white fighter whether its boxing or mma.. and we all know khabib is gonna beat that ass next year, connor thought he'd get that money quick before his brand disappears

  2. strange title .. we all saw it live . Floyd looked at the ground while Conor talked .. his posture was weak .. clearly was taken back by Mc Gregor's confidence .. he cant articulate a fkn word .. he diverted to weak chants .. he broke out a check he wrote to himself even tho the world knows he's in debt to the IRS .. Conor spoke of the ability to kill this man with his bare hands .. Floyd spoke of money .. which is is sorry thought because McGregor was on well fair 4 years ago and is now the only guy who can bring Floyd this type of $ .. i wonder how many retard boxing fans believed Floyd about stepping in the cage or wearing 4oz gloves .. 😅😅😅 A 1 demisional fighter trying to be the alpha around an actual fighter

  3. IS this whole thing a parody of "the great white hope"??? This is just a circus, a money spinner, anyone who believes this a serious fight is not particularly smart (and judging by some of the comments below there are a lot not so smart people) and clearly live in a fantasy.

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